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Washington Post story is laughable garbage..



The Washington Post story is laughable. Obama, the CIA and their Blue State Democracy Democrats want the American people to believe the CIA BURNED a contact deep inside the Kremlin to expose Putin on tape? over this b.s. hacking operation – that affected NOT ONE SINGLE VOTE. It is beyond ridiculous. No people, what really happened is that Putin knew full well who it was/is “deep inside the Kremlin” who the CIA thought was their angle, who in reality was ABSOLUTELY NOT. A tnau Russian operative is telling us that the Russians are laughing their arse off over the Obama/Brennan/CIA buffoon’s. People tnau will assure you, the CIA did not burn a contact deep inside the Kremlin for this b.s. hack. Putin gave the USA what the Democratic Super Group paid for. Ask the Post, the Times, and CNN to explain just how this Russian Operation could have possibly affected the election. Everyone is crying out over it, so explain it to all of us in full detail. How could have this Russian operation altered the election? Show us HOW, if the Russians would have been successful how could it have helped Trump. Ya know what, it could NOT have helped Trump, which is why no one gives details about what a successful Russian Operation could have looked like. It is a Russian story charade…that we burned a contact deep within the Kremlin to proffer. Putin is consummate KGB, and Putin knew Brennan would be politically hysterical, and that there was nothing but upside for Putin in this charade. Brennan/CIA have ended up being the best possible espionage agents the Russians could have ever hoped for.

It is laughable. The CIA burned a contact deep within the Kremlin to get Putin on tape? Over an operation that had NO CHANCE of altering the US election. And always remember this, it was an operation that would lead to Brennan/CIA hysteria?

People, tnau assures you. It was a paid hack of the DNC and Putin put Brennan in check mate…pawn takes King. In other words, Blue State Democracy Socialist/Democrats served up a hysterical msmedia through which they try to destroy Trump and what is left of our beloved Country.

Despise the Washington Post. They know that tnau knows full well, what happened here. The Post are Socialist espionage traitors, deep within the Kremlin who got Putin on tape…




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