In The Case of A Faulty Drop, Leave The Glass, There is Nothing To Drink



Trump, with the Kelly appointment just poured the foundation…now we build. America First !



Look, the Russian charade has had its affect. The chaos is not in the Whitehouse, the chaos is in the msmedia Russian charade. The Donald Trump/Whitehouse was going to take 8 months to a year. Most security professionals knew that. The Whitehouse up to this point has been the proverbial “construction trailer.” Blue prints, opinions and workers flying around while flying off the handle, doors being slammed, and a lot of fist shaking. But in the end the High Rise will be built, and as a Donald Trump build – it will have impeccable quality and craftsmanship. People and voters need to realize that Donald Trump does not give a crap about what happens in the “Construction Trailer, ” in fact, he wants to see the crazy interchange that most people outside the industry would NOT understand. It is how real estate moguls like Donald Trump make decisions. The Russian charade added complexity to an already complex “political outsider” 8 month formation. And the msmedia was giddy to get after Trump during the “political outsider” process. The msmedia knew it was going to take Trump about 8 months to a year to figure the build. The msmedia had 8 months to hurt America as much as they could, and they did. But Donald Trump is a brilliant man, who throughout his life has endured a brutal grind to assure incredible success. The choice of John Kelly is the proverbial Whitehouse ”foundation pour.” And tnau can say with certainty, America will NOT be disappointed as they see the Trump build take place. In fact, Donald Trump has already through Executive Order delivered to the American people fundamental change. Yet the change he has already brought forth has been muted by the msmedia gleeful attack on America. Make no mistake, Donald Trump has already delivered for middle of the road Americans. Immigration, Home Land Security, EPA, American oil, and of course the Supreme Court. All of those actions were the lens from which to view Donald Trump – the ultimate contractor taking action to build. The Whitehouse and Legislation were going to be a “construction trailer” for about a year. The John Kelly appointment displayed the brilliance of Donald Trump. The “construction trailer” decision has been made, and the construction trailer will quickly come to order, and the legislative build will happen – and it will be the quality of a Donald Trump build.

Side note: Anthony was a Rosedale, it was meaningful to see his exit. Priebus was not going to be able to run the construction site. A new foreman was needed – and WOW. People, please remember. Donald Trump is a brilliant person, who has endured a brutal grind to achieve incredible success. The voters showed wisdom in electing him, we will NOT be disappointed.



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