In The Case of A Faulty Drop, Leave The Glass, There is Nothing To Drink



Trump with CBS Dickerson – Donald Trump is as REAL as it will ever get for America



Donald Trump has taken the Presidency to a whole new level. Gone is the charade photo op, gone is the phony game of pretend, and gone for good are the msmedia pulling America around by the nose. No one, and I mean no one, could ever imagine a Republican taking on the press and kicking their arses. America has REALITY not a persona. America has Donald Trump!

Dickerson missed the point Trump was making, and tnau was on their feet when Trump did not get angry – he simply waved him off to the door. And Trump did it in a manner of genuine character. The Nation has not seen a President like this ever. Trump has brought the Real America into the Whitehouse. For that is how we respond, when you cannot talk to an msmedia scoundrel. People, Trump and Trump Tower were under surveillance by the Democratic Super Group, and they were put up to it by Obama. This whole phony Russian saga is the result of their surveillance. And tnau does not like what we have learned…

Can someone ask Anderson Cooper if he knows a Russian that goes by the name of Neachi? And how long has Anderson Cooper known this Russian? Is there a picture in the possession of an organization that shows two women, who in reality are two men. Go back and study the CNN film with Anderson Cooper as he talks about the Russian “investigation.” Anderson keeps flinching as he talks about it…and this is deep bank flinch. People, this Russian saga is stage craft, and it was designed to hurt Trump anyway they could – but is it really hiding something behind the “russia and Trump.”  The reality of  ”Russian agents” could be the EXACT opposite of what is the stage show. Remember, Iran paid a kickback to Obama/Brennan/CSG for the bogus Nuclear Deal. Rumors in Iran regarding the U.S. Drone that dropped into their lap had heavy Russian breath on them…Do not forget Obama lifted the trade embargo on Cuba, for what was perceived as nothing in return. Or was it really another payment.

Ask Anderson Cooper if he would take a lie detector test?

Donald Trump is as REAL as the Presidency will ever get. And the American people know it. Democrats want to hurt him, and they want to hurt America – they came so close to their dream of Socialism…


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