In The Case of A Faulty Drop, Leave The Glass, There is Nothing To Drink



Trump is on a roll, and the Nation needs to careful of liberal Democrats…



No doubt about it, Donald Trump is moving America forward. Free markets, freedom from Democratic regulators, freedom from a dangerous msmedia, and freedom from being held hostage to a world of skunks at the United Nations. The American economic engine is being fed fresh fuel for a revival not seen in decades, for the American people know that our Democracy depends on Capitalism fair and square. Not phony economic equality. Simply look to France and move to France if you desire phony economic equality. Look to France and move to France if you want to be regulated to death. Look to France and move to France if you desire a dangerous and corrupt msmedia. And look to France and move to France if you want to be held hostage by the world of skunks at the United Nations. Realize that America was a Hillary Clinton Presidency away from America becoming France. People voted for Donald Trump because we do NOT speak French. And right now America needs to be very careful of liberal democrats.

People, the Democratic Super Group (DSG) is desperate. They know that America now knows that the DSG paid the Russians to hack the DNC, a DNC that was left vulnerable to hacking. The DSG knows that America knows that Obama/Brennan/Chicago Super Group took a kick back from the Iranians for a bogus Nuclear Deal. The American people now know that Susan Rice leaked everything to the CSG for positioning. The DSG is SCARED Susan Rice will cave, and she will. She is in so far over her head, she thinks the moon is a mirage. Now more than ever, be very leery of the msmedia. Does Anderson Cooper have close ties to a Russian named Neachi`?

Remember, Democrats like violence. And Democrats are responsible for over 85% of all crime that is committed in America…


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