In The Case of A Faulty Drop, Leave The Glass, There is Nothing To Drink



tnau is almost certain who paid for the Russian hack of the DNC



tnau has the most sophisticated mechanical animal program in the world. We are quite successful…

And at this altitude above the rim  nothing is easily done. We are almost certain bitcoin was in play, as well as the meteoric rise of the bitcoin value. Yeah, all the hacking and the rise in bitcoin value went hand in hand, and were manipulated by the Democratic Super Group. What we also recently learned is that this hack had a long planning trail. Basically, the plan “to pay for the hack” NOT the timing of the hack itself, was put into play right after Trump announced he was running. After each successful Trump Primary, the price of the hack would rise in value as well as support for bitcoin. The CIA missed the American side of the hack, or they ignored it. tnau believes they ignored it. tnau has the information, the CIA should have it as well.


Side note: anyone looking to support the blog and/or be part of a working group for a Military Tribute Album should contact the address below. Legal Letter size only. We have available  a four song sample. These are not military songs, just two rock and two pop. One is a full cut ready to be “artist” recorded, the other three are high quality but only “half good” for IP reasons. They are good songs, that were not taken all the way. This is NOT a Muslim bashing event. Just a proud, honorable, dedication to the US Military. All albums need a hit song, and tnau is confident the MTA has one, if not two hit songs…


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