In The Case of A Faulty Drop, Leave The Glass, There is Nothing To Drink



tnau had obtained the Hillary/Russia charade blue print.



Clinton knew the Russians were going to hack and pretend to disrupt – she was aware of what the Chicago Super Group had planned all along with the Russians. She believed she was about to waltz into the Whitehouse to begin her program to turn America into Socialist France on steroids. Her only concern was an email indictment, until Obama assured her that would not happen. Clinton was working with the Russians through the CSG. Missing Clinton emails, she made a mistake. The Lerner/IRS hard drive ruined…

Hillary was going to use the Russian hack and their PERCIEVED interference to the utmost. The Trump’s have no idea what Hillary was intending to do to them. Hillary was going to use the Russian escapade as an attack/indictment on Trump Inc. as she put it, which she would parlay into an attack on big business and the GOP. Trump/Big Business tried to influence the sacred institution of our election process, they were colluding with the Russians – but the American people turned them back and defied them blah blah blah. tnau is not sure if the GOP fully understands what Clinton/msmedia were going to do to Republicans. A Russian called what was planned – Hillary’s Piñata. tnau has learned that the msmedia brass were fully aware of the hacking and the perceived interference.  They were told the Russians would actually get NOTHING material or useable, that their effort was benign. But Trump would be toasted – and they loved it. The real reason DHS did NOTHING!!! Hillary was going to win, and win big.

The Democratic Super Group was going to pay the Russians by way of the Russian markets. The Russians were going to give an election hacking mea culpa by blaming Trump/Capitalists, with the assurance of no more interference. After some high level Clinton visits, the Russians would pretend to withdraw from Ukraine and talk blab about Crimea. Hillary would lift all the sanctions. The Russian markets would roar. Hillary would set up a special State Department unit for Russia details/interchange…blah blah blah. The msmedia brass promised the CSG/Russians that they would go bonkers for Hillary/Russia. Hillary would be 24/7 news non stop. Praising her ability to work with the Russians, how her duty as Secretary of State is paying huge dividends, how the first women President has accomplished so much. Hail to the first women President ad nauseum. People, you would have witnessed the most spectacular political stunt in HISTORY. A political stunt built upon a bogus hack of the DNC. Then she would set out to destroy America as we know it – so that everyone pays their fair share? Which is code for Socialism. The Hillary/CSG plan DID NOT need Congress. They were happy to let the American people falsely believe there was a balance of power. All Hillary/CSG needed was the EPA, the IRS, the DOJ and the Supreme Court !!! Hillary/CSG viewed Congress as political nonsense; a Liberal Supreme Court was the only real power they needed. And there was a bastion of Liberal Lawyers ready to help instill the Socialistic Dreamscape. For the Obama/Brennan part in this whole charade, to prevent “stove piping from 911″ Obama would be given an Honorary Cabinet Post called “Inner City” blah blah blah. The King of Blab was ready to lecture American Businessmen non stop, with msmedia bright lights. tnau has it on tape. The Glorious Obama’s…

You people have no idea how far the Socialist Dreamscape was about to go…and the transformation of the United States of America that would go with it.

Donald Trump saved America…for the America we know and love.


tnau spent a fortune, at great risks, and cost…




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