In The Case of A Faulty Drop, Leave The Glass, There is Nothing To Drink



tnau believes we know who the leaker of Trump/Russia meeting is.



It gets very dicey ok people. But the read we have gotten is that we know who the leaker is. Yeah, it came from the CIA. Almost all Washington Post garbage is fed by the CIA. And what is worse? tnau is almost certain this CIA leaker is an operative for the Chicago Super Group. The CSG is smoking hot over both the Iranian kickback and Susan Rice being exposed, they will resort right now to any means possible to hurt Trump/GOP. They got an opening and they rammed a tank through it. Again, all leakers identity are known to the CSG. The Washington Post turns the name over to the CSG immediately. tnau is almost certain we know the name of the leaker. All we can say is that the GOP should be aware, and be very careful when dealing with Russia, always keep the KGB Triangle at the forefront of your thought process. And unless you have ridden the slippery slope, be reluctant to jump on it. tnau speaks from notable experience and expertise. And we assure you, the Chicago Super Group will hurt America for political gain. Their operatives inside the agency are feeling the heat from what tnau has exposed. We believe one of them has made a serious mistake.

The msmedia will contrive a narrative to suit operation Democratic Arch. Pretty simple what they want to do, turn everything into chaos. No amount of “communications” people can fix the corruption the Democratic Super Group has sewn into the scumbag msmedia. Trump needs to be Trump, no way around it. He saw an opportunity to work with Russia and he took it. Compared to the fact that it is believed the CSG outed Levinson, who is rotting in an Iranian Prison, displays the vast difference between the Dems and the Republicans.


Side note: P.O. box in a few days. Please support the blog. We will need support for the military tribute album. If not an outright GOP Independent Record Label…tnau has that many songs written. I know, and we get it when you ask. If you are tnau why not build the album/label yourself. Straightforward to your question, I can blend I CANNOT build upon. A mountain of difference…blending won’t be easy but can be done successfully. Stick it to democrats and the DSG/CSG/DCS !!!




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