In The Case of A Faulty Drop, Leave The Glass, There is Nothing To Drink



The reality – Russia was emboldened to hack after Hillary was given a pass for criminal conduct…



The absurd reality is the DOJ and the Obama Administration failed America by protecting Hillary from criminal prosecution. And the REASON the corrupt DOJ and the corrupt Obama camp protected Hillary was driven by the desire to protect the Chicago Super Group and their Socialist Dreamscape. tnau would like to inform Lindsey Graham, the Special Counsel Russian investigation is in fact a WITCH HUNT. Once the Russians knew that Hillary was protected material they had proof that the DOJ was corrupt; the DOJ were “new age communism” supporters. As one Russian agent put it, “Lerner and Clinton were serious political criminals not charged” and they were not charged since the DOJ was/is to protect the Socialist Dreamscape. A farking dreamscape which “Putin believes is a new form of Communism.” Putin and the Russians are DOJ inspired and motivated. And what shocked tnau is what he said next. Once it was clear that the DOJ had “two systems” for Clinton Dreamscape Justice, the Russian operative’s basically had a paved path to disruption. The Russians knew that a bogus hacking event would have outsized effect, due directly to the fact the United States Justice Dept. has/will protect Lerner, Clinton, Cuomo, and the CSG from prosecution – to protect the Socialist Dreamscape. The Russians know that the msmedia is the “enforcer” that allows the Corrupt Justice Dept. Dreamscape to operate. The Russians know full well that if Lerner, Clinton, Cuomo, and the CSG were Republicans there would have been a vastly different result. When you add in the knowledge that Brennan/Obama/CSG took a kickback from Iran for the bogus nuclear deal it is nearly impossible to stop the Russians from acting - ”to help America on their path to a new age communism.” The Russians are laughing at Senator Graham. tnau knows for a fact that Trump was “framed” by the Socialist Dreamscape. As the Russian agent told tnau – why would the Russians “NOT HELP” that effort? tnau has news for the US Government. tnau was told that the Russian RESET button that Clinton gave them was basically a “protected new age communism Clinton is open for business.”

People DO NOT understand how espionage works. Donald Trump and his supporters threaten the Socialist Dreamscape, which Putin views as a “new age communism.” The American people can thank their corrupt Blue State Democracy, their corrupt DOJ, and their corrupt msmedia for the current State Of Affairs. Donald Trump has been framed by the Socialist Dreamscapes new age communism.

The GOP needs to defend Trump at any cost, for in reality, you are defending America. It is not cliché…


Donald Trump – or America NEVER again. Fight the Blue State Democracy and their corruption tooth and nail. tnau is on to explosive news…




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