In The Case of A Faulty Drop, Leave The Glass, There is Nothing To Drink



The Nation is under seige by the Democratic Super Group (DGS), the CSG, and the msmedia…



Make no mistake, these people do not care about America, they care about their agenda to steer America toward Socialism – which made their work with Russia quite appealing to Russia, and easier to execute. Both the DSG and the Russians view the msmedia as “drone clowns” as they put it. Basically, the narrow mindedness and liberal ideology of the msmedia is viewed by Russia as an “ingredient” to destabilize America that is more powerful than 10 Russian spies within the CIA. And please understand what they mean by “drone” it is not an aircraft or robot, it is as they put it, a nauseating, repetitive groaning of a distorted ideological process. The Russians do not and never have believed there is anything such as a “liberal” within American politics. In the minds of Russian agents, the nauseating groaning of a “Liberal” is in reality a yearning for Socialism on its way to Communism. And more to the point, the Chinese believe the same thing. And guess what, the massive data set that tnau has acquired on the msmedia over the years confirms the Russian/Chinese belief. Everything about the “Liberal” in Liberal Democrats almost perfectly overlays the data we have acquired/assembled on Socialism.

Look, the DSG paid the Russians to hack the DNC so that Hillary could use the “Trumps” to pummel Republicans from which Democrats could take back both the Senate and Congress – and to please the Iranians. None of them believed Trump was going to win. But the paid hack would serve as a nice back up should Trump “have a miracle” landing upon him. Which shows you how little all of them think of the REAL AMERICAN PEOPLE. So what the nation is now let with is a Democratic Super Group paid siege of our politics – which the nauseating groaners (Liberals) are more than happy to use to hurt the Nation, and Trump supporters. Yet nothing criminal has actually happened, except the fact that the DSG paid the Russians to hack the DNC. Which affected not one single vote. Hillary was a garbage bag filled with trash…

Kislyak talked Kushner into an open mic on purpose. All tnau can tell you is that McMaster likely knows why. Hint: John Brennan, Yates, and Clapper are nauseating groaners. The KGB Triangle is a complicated/sophisticated operation process. Anyone that believes they can enter the Triangle without a serious amount of training is naïve. Even so, John Brennan “the expert” made an ass out of himself in testimony. tnau talks from experience and expertise, and someone needs to file a FOI with the CIA for the release of the names and pictures of all known KGB agents. tnau dislikes “braggart’s” from within our ranks, so I have to be careful. But it does appear from the current situation that tnau is likely the only organization that can enter the Triangle and leave the Russians/DSG on a “cul-de-sac”. Ask for the names and pictures of all known KGB agents so that the American people can protect themselves. Was the “paid hack” Hillary’s “back Channel” to the Russian inner circle? har har har…


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