In The Case of A Faulty Drop, Leave The Glass, There is Nothing To Drink



The msmedia continues the drum beat of assinine Blue State Democrats – Socialists United…



Absolute certainty. Blue State Democrats hugging Hugo Chavez, praying with Fidel Castro, and getting into bed with Iranian gutter rats – are bashing our President/Donald Trump for working with Putin on PROGRESS. Absolutely stunning. The farking Al Qaida terrorists plane bomb the World Trade Centers and other property killing thousands of Americans and wounding many others. Inflicting a wound that would leave scars forever. What did Blue State Democrats want? They wanted to talk to the Radical Muslims, they wanted to know what their blood thirsty grievance was, they wanted to reach out, and with certainty they did not want to call them Radical Islamic Terrorists. And now…we have Putin and certain Russian hackers that were paid by the Democratic Super Group to hack the DNC for ulterior riddled, political motives – for what Blue State Democrats wanted all along. They want to blame Trump for mythical collusion, through guilt by association, for a “hack” that affected NOT one single vote? The msmedia battle cry? The Russians tried to meddle in our election? Yet not a one of them can show us how the Russians could have affected one single vote. Hillary was a garbage bag filled with Blue State Democracy trash, a pay for play foundation, a Benghazi killing of Chris Stevens for which she created a fictional storyline, a Russian Uranium sale for Clinton donations, an illegal server, and an email scandal that is still unfinished business – she should have been charged. The Russians run a bogus political operation and Blue State Democrats pursue a digitally violent rampage screaming “the Russians are coming, the Russians are coming, the Russians are coming. ” Did the Russians wave their hand across Donna Brazile’s face, brain washing her to give Hillary the debate questions from CNN, from which she could destroy fellow Socialist Bernie Sanders? No, The Russians had nothing to do with that, that was the MSMEDIA !!! Donna Brazile affected more votes than the Russian hack.

Farking Al Qaida kills Americans and Blue State Democrats/Socialists want to talk to them and make sure NOT to offend them. Hillary loses the election and Blue State Democrats create a fictional narrative about Trump and the Russians hurting our Precious Flower of Democracy? In reality, it is the msmedia/Blue State Democrats that are out to destroy our Democracy as we know it. Trump and the REAL AMERICANS got in the way of the Blue State Democrats socialist dreamscape. You have to ask yourself, are Blue State Democrats any better that Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, or the Iranian gutter rats? No, they are just like them…

And Donald Trump stand with, and stands for, REAL AMERICANS !!!


Donald Trump may be the last of The Greatest American Heroes for generations to come…



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