In The Case of A Faulty Drop, Leave The Glass, There is Nothing To Drink



The msmedia are crying towel socialists that love violence…



Bill Clinton raped women and the msmedia yawned, then proceeded to apply their passive violence against the women who made the claim. But the msmedia goes nuts over a benign Mika “scarface” statement. As if plastic surgery for liberal news pundits was sacred ground?

The facts cannot be refuted, the msmedia loves passive violence which they claim is the “news.” Think about it. Most of what the msmedia does is they attack Republicans. People, there is no turning back. The past 6 months has proven what America has known for decades. As long as the manipulative msmedia can control the Country, the agenda, the polls and the topic of discussion, they could always claim it was “news” they were reporting on. The reality? they have always been socialists seeking the demise of Republicans. With the Trump victory the msmedia has lost the ability to hide their passive violence behind the moniker of “news reporting.” They are exposed to what they have always been – passively violent digital thugs. Democratic digital thugs. People, the evidence is stunning. tnau has amassed the last 15 years of msmedia reporting the “news” and have assembled the review. For the review we used a very SIMPLE software decipher. We used – word choice,  sentence structure, and time spent when reporting “news” items, especially when the news had political ramifications. It cannot be refuted and there is no doubt. The msmedia sought to control the way the American people thought about certain topics and events. Then we compared that data to the way the French socialists influence the “thought process” of people. It was bewildering verbatim.

Trump makes a benign comment about scarface surgery and the crying towel digital thugs go berserk. Bill Clinton rapes women and the digital thugs look for a way to protect White Water Hillary…

If the Country is to survive the msmedia needs to be destroyed. It will be a thankless job, but Donald Trump is the only person on earth that can rid the Nation of the msmedia scumbags who are trying to march the Nation toward socialist carnage. People, the Russian story charade was/is a HUGE part of the plan to destroy America as we know it, for the benefit of msmedia controlled Socialism. People have no idea how much thought process the msmedia acquires when America becomes Socialist France.

Donald Trump was “framed” by the Blue State Democracy Democrats…


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