In The Case of A Faulty Drop, Leave The Glass, There is Nothing To Drink



The GOP needs to talk about how “destructive” the msmedia is to society…



If the GOP wants to finish off Democrats you have to take down the corrupt msmedia with them, and it is now or never. It is absolutely outrageous that democrats from the Democratic Super Group are using their embedded contacts within Government agency’s to feed “designed leaks”  to a corrupt msmedia from which they could attack Trump and the GOP. There is NOTHING within the leaked information that is noble or protective of our democracy. In reality it is the absolute opposite. These “leaks” are democrats within Government being told what to do by Chicago Super Group henchman to hurt our Country, as their way to get back at Donald Trump and to hopefully get back into Government control. There has been absolutely nothing substantive regarding this Russia charade. Or how it could have possibly affected one single vote. No, it is a Democratic sponsored manipulation of a broken media system – and they know it. It is horrifying that msmedia scumbags have resorted to digital RIOTING, and that is what this has come to. They are not reporting the news, they are the digital form of Occupy Wall ST and/or Black Lives Matter using their platform to abuse America, to please what they believe is their majority of Americans. And if the GOP does not unite in defense of Trump and the FARKING PEOPLE that voted for him in the ELECTROAL COLLEGE, then the GOP has lost America to the DSG and the scumbag digital rioters.

tnau is telling you right now, we have just completed extensive focus group workshops. And the PEOPLE are asking where are the “GOP fighters” pushing back against a broken media. The GOP needs to start saying it, and they need to keep repeating it. The msmedia is a broken system of reporting. tnau has tested it, and it is a sure fire winner. Every single time a Republican is interviewed they need to comment on the “broken system of reporting” the “broken system of reporting” and the “broken system of reporting.” Republicans needs to start pounding on it and they need to start right now. And follow up with describing it as “digital rioting.” tnau has a long history and expertise in focus groups. It is borne from our legendary expertise at the ”box” which is our lie detector system.

The Democratic Super Group paid the Russians to hack the farking DNC. A DNC that was left vulnerable to hacking by the Chicago Super Group. These people will hurt America to advance their agenda in operation “Democratic Arch” will Terry McAuliffe.

“broken system of reporting” has led to “digital rioting” by CNN et al…if the GOP starts now, the bludgeoning of Democrats next election cycle becomes a complete process. tnau assures you, the DSG knows that they have bet everything on this Russian charade – they have used up their sources to leak information. tnau knows who it was at the CIA. Did any of you truly believe you could finish off democrats without finishing off the msmedia – their biggest paid sponsor?


Donald Trump, or America never again…



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