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Susan Rice will not testify because she leaked everything to CSG



As shocking as people may find it to be, the nation had no secrets with Susan Rice as NSA. She leaked everything so that the CSG could position the information as they saw fit. And do not think for one moment that “positioning” was for the benefit of the Nation, it was not. They benefited themselves and Democrats. The bogus nuclear deal with Iran is the shining example of Democrats screwing America to take care of themselves. The nuclear deal with Iran is a joke. We have confirmed through our Iranian sources there are one or even two plants that were NEVER disclosed, which is why “snap” inspections were never considered. tnau is convinced that under pressure Susan Rice will fold. She does not have the “intellectual capacity” for the criminal activity she engaged in. She has made a terrible mistake and she knows it. People, everything Obama did with International affairs was predicated on marching America toward socialism. Susan Rice bought into that fantasy and viewed herself as being not only supportive of that effort, but she was convinced and then convinced herself that she could play an instrumental role – and leaking EVERYTHING to the CSG was in her mind “getting the information” to those that could best use it to advance the “Democratic” i.e. Socialism cause.

Look, Democrats had every intention of closing the border with Mexico but only after the “tool” of illegal immigration allowed them the inertia for Socialism. Yeah, for democrats illegal immigration was a means to an end. Use the msmedia to prey upon the good emotions of the American people to open their arms to as many illegals as possible, lift the embargo on Cuba, then position those emotions for what democrats would call “your fair share.” And the only way everyone can get a fair share in capitalistic America, is through Socialism.

People, the DSG has been infiltrated…The Whiteboard for America under Hillary Clinton was frightening. Just look at the way the Democratic Super Group went after Comey yesterday. Democratic Senators were tutored by the DSG for how best to attack Comey. After all, Socialism ALWAYS has something or someone to blame. And in the minds of Democrats Comey elected Hillary???

tnau is telling you. The Russian investigation is stage craft, to hide what was really happening under Obama. Rice will fold under pressure. tnau has information she will not like talking about…



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