In The Case of A Faulty Drop, Leave The Glass, There is Nothing To Drink



Senator Mark Warner was “briefed” and coached by the Chicago Super Group (CSG) on his presentation…



What is shocking about the Warner diatribe is that he has it ass backwards, the Russians did not target or attack “American Democracy” with their hack – they targeted hysterical democrats like Mark Warner. Warner knows full well that the Democratic Super Group paid for the hack of the DNC. A DNC that was left vulnerable to hack by the CSG. The Russians believe that Democrats are whiny children who seek socialism for Democrats, if not a tour of Communism. Democrats want to destroy capitalism as we know it, in lieu of socialism that promotes heavy Government/Taxes, a militant EPA, and a militant Supreme Court from which they could destroy a Petrol power base economy. And replace it with solar panels, electric cars, and costly package recycling programs - and if they have to hurt our country and our democracy then so be it. The Russians have DONE NOTHING to influence our elections and have DONE NOTHING to hurt our Democracy. But on the other hand, Democrats have acted like a concerted team of the best KGB Agents to ever attack - America…

These are treacherous and determined operatives at the DSG and the CSG. They lost the election and they will stop at nothing to get back to their dreamscape of Socialism. The DSG paid the Russians to hack the DNC. Mainly as payback to Trump after he lost the election, and just as much to “please Iran.” Make no mistake people, Brennan and the Chicago Super Group were paid a kickback for the bogus Nuclear deal. After the Hillary election loss the DSG/CSG turned from “payback” to Trump and turned to “destroy Trump.” Understand people, the Russian hack was perfectly placed. And please understand the CSG knows they have hysterical democrats to help ruin our Capitalism/Democracy, seeking to return to the Socialism Dreamscape.

These are treacherous times people. Republicans and good people need to stand up to these hysterical KGB operatives.



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