In The Case of A Faulty Drop, Leave The Glass, There is Nothing To Drink




TNAU internet talk radio would allow us to broadcast a radio version of the topics discussed in the  political blog. Many times a 600 word blog post does not capture the deeper insights of the topic. TNAU talk radio would allow us to probe complex issues in a discussion type format. While also delivering a unique twist to our insights through levity, with good natured kidding around.

TNAU believes that having some fun was a requirment for the job. Otherwise people would become far to serious about a serious line of work. In a way, moments of levity provided balance, without balance judgement suffers.

With TNAU talk radio I can take the viewers and listeners on a journey aboard the logic train. Providing a unique perspective borne of the many years of listening to what was said, while probing the thought process. Not much for pyschology or psychiatry, but for essence and motivation. All of us are, that which motivates us. A basic human trait.

Again, if you enjoy the political blog I ask that you consider a donation. Donations would allow me the opportunity to get TNAU internet talk radio up and running. I do not want to take on website advertisement through ad boxes, which is the usuall course of action.

I much rather prefer the website had no advertisers. TNAU talk radio would consider a unique advertisement scenario. TNAU talk radio is for those that share my political belief in the GOP. And for those that are open to our consideration.

A discussion of information as it pertains to the topics covered, is possible with a donation through PayPal. I do not even read who the donors are. Anonymous, I do not need to know. I accept the donation and put it to use to develop the website and to launch TNAU talk radio. If a donation requires special attention, please contact us through the contact page.

Thank you. The drinking glass…

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