In The Case of A Faulty Drop, Leave The Glass, There is Nothing To Drink



Ossoff – the Socialist from the Democratic Crime Syndicate lost BIG !!!



People, do not buy into the DHS b.s about how we need to talk about “unity” and to down play differences blah blah blah. Most if not all from DHS are Blue State Democracy Democrats which means they are anti Republican, and will do whatever they can to hurt Republicans. If Nancy Pelosi had been shot by a Tea Party Activists the Blue State Democracy/msmedia would be on the attack, and it would be a vicious attack on Republicans. But since Scalise was shot by a Socialist, DHS wants everyone to talk unity – as if we are one Country? We are NOT and never will be again. The DSG/CSG and their Government operatives are engaged in destroying what’s left, so naturally DHS comes out with their “hug a teddy bear” bullshit. Their hug a teddy bear bullshit is nothing more than a nuanced version of Blue State Democracy corruption. Talk unity until the GOP loses a race, then laugh in the back office and watch the msmedia go on the attack. People, Blue State Democracy Security forces are OWNED by the Democratic Crime Syndicate. They do NOT protect the citizens, they protect the criminals.

Handel should have called it like it was, and tnau is not happy she went soft. Ossoff the Socialist from the Democratic Crime Syndicate lost by more than 5 points, is what she should have said. Georgia has rejected Socialism and corrupt BSD democrats that tried to buy the election…tnau worked too hard for a soft peddle of a strategic victory, especially as the GOP is under attack by Brennan, Clapper, Yates and Comey. Comey bragged about framing Donald Trump…


Donald Trump – or America never again.


Side note: anyone looking to support the blog and/or be part of a working group for a Military Tribute album should contact the address below. Legal Letter size only. We have available  a four song sample. These are not military songs, just two rock and two pop. One is a full cut ready to be “artist” recorded, the other three are high quality but only “half good” for IP reasons. They are good songs, that were not taken all the way. This is NOT a Muslim bashing event. Just a proud, honorable, dedication to the US Military.

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