In The Case of A Faulty Drop, Leave The Glass, There is Nothing To Drink



Obama has had a nervous breakdown and he does not know it


Our source is saying that he is the most confused man you will find in Washington this morning. TNAU has always believed the Chicago/Super Group were betting on a rather “flakier” individual to pull their “hustle” on the American people. We had a large file on Obama going back many years. We had a drop on him so that we could listen to him when he thought no one was around – we drank from his glass – and TNAU saw nothing that led us to believe he could survive an 8 year hustle. In fact we believed that he would have a nervous breakdown and not know it.

Look people, the msmedia is going through an awful spasm right now. Remember what they “sold” to the American people. The “agent of change” – “most transparent” – “no special interest” – “new way of doing business” – “most honest” – “most righteous” – “the new beginning” – the Obama world tour, remember that nauseating spectacle? But what did the people get?

They got a President that lies to and abuses the American people. He lied about Benghazi for political purpose. He has abused the American people through his “IRS Targeting” program. We will tell you right now, before it is all said and done the President’s fingerprints are on both the Benghazi and the IRS scandals. The msmedia will continue with their brain wash delusion that there is no way that Obama is directly involved, when they know that in fact he is. Obama has had a nervous breakdown. All the indicators are pointing to that reality. You people don’t get it. A President can only survive for so long as an obfuscation of the truth. The nervous breakdown of this type is seen in police interrogation rooms across the US everyday. The criminal is caught, but they believe that they can “somehow” find a use in ”language” that dissolves the “action” they have engaged in. In the President’s case this would be the “word game” that is now engulfing our Nation.

The msmedia is going to tell us with a straight face that the President did not cover up Benghazi for political purpose, and that he knew nothing about the IRS abusing US Citizens? The msmedia knows he has done both. What is now going to be comical to watch is how the msmedia tries to inoculate the President from being held accountable. Which in turn will feed his psychosis to lie to the American people and to further mislead the American people. The msmedia does not get it. You are the reason Obama has had a nervous breakdown. You people do not understand how detached Obama was from the statements he made regarding Syria and the Red Line. It was the same temperament that allowed him to mislead the American people on the campaign trail about “all that he would do to rid us of Washington evil” as Jeremiah went on to lie to us over the death of 4 Americans and then to abuse us through a heinous use of the IRS.

Look, an unstable President is a dangerous man. “Campaigning” is not going to resolve these issues. Obama has had a nervous breakdown…TNAU has seen this before in “hustler’s” whose scam is coming to a close…

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