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Not to sound old saw, but Democratic Arch is massive



Many times tnau keeps reporting what we have reported, and the reason we do it is that the information we are getting is substantial and needs to be reported. No joke, Democrats want to hang the GOP and Trump from a high tree. There was a Democratic Super Group operative walking around a building dragging a Trump depiction mannequin, the rope was around the neck and he was dragging it around. The mannequin was Hollywood quality, which means it was about as real as fake could get. There is no doubt that Hollywood/msmedia is involved in Democratic Arch. And once again Democrats will be singing the tune against tax breaks for the rich and corporations, by asking what do the “people” get out of it. So here is what they came up with, as we understand it. The DSG has modeled a plan where they accept the Trump tax cuts for the treasury, but get this, they then propose a 8 -10% corporate tax on top of that for infrastructure rebuild. The DSG model appears to claim that the 10% tax for infrastructure will provide a direct benefit to the economy through jobs for the rebuild and thus spur growth that would otherwise not happen. Also, Democrats are going to use McAuliffe to claim that the tax cuts that Trump is giving to corporate America will be used to invest in robots, not workers, so in essence Terry will claim that Trump is funding job replacement NOT job advancement.

You realize what is next right? Yeah, they then want to have a specific tax for oil to help pay for Medicare…no shhit people. Democrats are going after an elderly vote turn out like never before.

The Democrats have CHANGED their play book, at least when it comes to how they want to model tax increases. They now want specific taxes for a specific purpose. Apparently this modeling is working in their focus groups…

More to come. tnau believes CNN has a serious problem with Anderson Cooper…


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