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No “befuddlement” on McCain questioning of Comey



It was a CLINTON EMAIL SCANDAL. Hillary broke the law with the use of a private server, which many complained, especially msmedia scumbags, that the investigation was detrimental to Clinton election efforts? As Donna Brazile gave CNN data/questions to Hillary, so Hillary could rough up Sanders in the debate – Attorney/Senator/S.O.S. Hillary Clinton got the questions and remained silent as she committed election fraud? CNN gave the questions to Brazile on orders from the CSG. That is critical insight into DSG/CSG mindset for the November election. Lets be clear, Trump was being given a laughing chance at beating Hillary, go back and read the polls and what pundits were saying…Many pundits believed the “investigation” was the only event keeping Trump at TEN/TWELVE FARKING POINTS of Clinton. John McCain understands we are talking about Russian Espionage, and Clinton committed election fraud. McCain is absolutely right. Comey and the FBI may have committed malfeasance by NOT questioning Clinton, Clinton staff, or Bill Clinton associates if they had any contact  with Russians before the election. Were Russian hackers paid for the lame hack of the DNC – YES! People, cash from Russia flowed to the Clinton Foundation amid the Russian Uranium deal. tnau is almost certain there was a “genesis” to Russian hackers with the Russian Uranium Deal. tnau has been holding back that information until now…yeah, lives are at stake.

It is farking SHOCKING that Comey calls a Republican President a liar on National TV, as his FBI, which he claims to defend, is committing malfeasance regarding a Russian Espionage Operation – and possibly doing it intentionally. Why? Comey made us laugh. Democrats do not love America as she stands now, most despise us, democrats want France on steroids. Heavy Government/taxes, a militant Supreme Court, a militant EPA, all to fulfill the dreamscape of solar panels, electric cars, and super expensive recycled packaging – to destroy the petrol based energy economy. As socialist democrats would then ask Americans to voluntarily allow Government controlled siri into their homes, for the benefit of society naturally? har, har, har.  No wonder Putin envisions a possible tour with Communism

DSG/CSG, bitcoin, Russian hackers, Clinton Foundation, Russian Uranium…John McCain was courageous. It is possible McCain has seen the evidence regarding DSG/CSG/Clinton and the Russians.

Make no mistake, Trump derailed the dems Socialist Dreamscape. People, did the Chicago Super Group meet constantly with French Intelligence Agents over how to guide America towards the Socialist French Model???

Donald Trump is an incredible person and personality. Who, with GOP diehards and open minded democrats saved the America we know and love.


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