In The Case of A Faulty Drop, Leave The Glass, There is Nothing To Drink



msmedia keeps talking Trump chaos? Obviously none of them has ever built a NYC skyscraper.



Chaos in Whitehouse, chaos in Whitehouse, chaos in Whitehouse. tnau would pay anything to see Trump grab these lazy msmedia arses by the neck and drag them through the process of building a farking skyscraper. No, not just a skyscraper but one in NYC. These msmedia people live in a self absorption bubble. Skyscraper is code word for MADDENING CHAOS. And Donald Trump mastered the art of building them and managing chaos. tnau did an extensive review of what his life was like as a real estate mogul. And far from the fairy tale of pixie dust magic, there is a brilliant man who endured a brutal grind to achieve incredible result. A grind that NOT ONE person from the msmedia could come close to even attempting. Have the msmedia go out and hire a painter to paint their entire house inside/out and watch what happens. Better yet, have them go pull the proper permits to put up an addition, build the addition, and not get ripped off. They could not handle the stress, in other words, the chaos. But ask the msmedia, the scumbag fifth estate to run their mouth and engage in nasty gossip, made up facts, and b.s. journalism – you would find the brat adolescence of the current news cycle. Blue State Democracy has come to accept adult adolescence children who run the msmedia empire – the rest of America elected Donald Trump.

Trump people should just put together “a week in the life of Donald Trump” at Skyscraper Universe. Put out the details to let the American People know what it was like, and why he is the person and the President to help the middle class. The msmedia Russia strategy was designed to create a vacuum. It is an old CIA tactic that Blue State Democracy/John Brennan employed – through use of the 3 angle KGB/Russia, with an effect that was magnified through the use of technical surveillance, in other words, Russian gossip. This is not rocket science, Trump was/is being framed. Blue State Democracy and their Socialist Dreamscape was deathly afraid that Trump would connect his story and his real estate grind with the American people – the working people.

Trump needs to start using his people to pepper the public with his story…Trump himself needs to start sharing moments and experiences from his life as the ultimate contractor – and how that experience will help the American people to the dawn of better days ahead. tnau used the “life of Donald Trump” to effectively garner election results. When positioned against the Socialist Dreamscape – the people will choose Trump overwhelmingly.

Have Trump explain to the people, this is who I am. The Whitehouse is running beautifully, the msmedia are simply lazy neurotics who cannot handle stress.  The Russian investigation is just a shiny object that Blue State Democracy is holding in front of your face to distract you from needed progress.

It would take tnau ten pages to explain the benefits of Trump connecting his contractor grind with the American people, tried to do it in one page.

Side note: we have been working information about Brennan and his use of bogus intelligence to get after Trump. What we mean by bogus? The CIA and NSA relied on “Russian gossip” for lack of a better term from which they created this Russian charade. Brennan made a serious mistake, how tnau expresses that is going to be difficult.

Donald Trump right now more than ever needs to connect the American people to his life as the ultimate contractor. Context Whitehouse ”chaos” as phony news. As compared to real chaos; an analogy to building a skyscraper. Trump has a beautiful opening to build more ”confidence” with the American people. tnau is saying it right now. There is a vacuum opening, there always is one in a 3 angle charade, and Donald Trump needs to connect America to his brutal grind work ethic. America is looking for their George Washington right about now…Hillary was chaos, Donald Trump has built a real estate empire…vast difference.

Donald Trump, or America NEVER again…


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