In The Case of A Faulty Drop, Leave The Glass, There is Nothing To Drink



Mayor Kahn and CNN are insane…



Never fails, these msmedia Democrats/Kahn spew the same garbage after each attack. Ya know, they have to reach out to the Muslim community in London and learn what their grievance is and then figure out a way to de radicalize them? Basically, what these Democrats/Kahn are really saying is that good people should continue to die in the name of “effort” to understand a deranged religion which supports killing good people to be understood. It is so bizarre and so fraught with failed logic we should offer to turn Kahn over to Isis in return for ensuring there will not be another attack. And after 300 days without an attack the World will turn Wolf Blitzer over to Isis to do what they want, in return for another year without an attack. And then another British or CNN personality year after year – watch how safe London becomes. On the other hand you can begin to a arm your citizen public to defend themselves. British Intelligence is NOT going to get a grip on this as long as asses like Kahn walks the streets of London. Since Kahn does not believe there is “a reason to be alarmed” offer him up to Isis in return for London safety. Or continue to watch good people die as the world tries to define the riddle of a deranged religion that needs to kill people to be understood…

Real Americans do not want to try and figure out the psychopathic riddle of Islam, they do not want Kahn as their mayor, and they do not want to be like France. Donald Trump was elected President in acknowledgment that Real Americans want to be… American!


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