In The Case of A Faulty Drop, Leave The Glass, There is Nothing To Drink



John Brennan is a liar. His concern was democrats, he became a politcal operative…



Just listen to what he said, he was concerned that Russia would “interfere” with our election, but he is an “intelligence Officer” not an FBI investigator, he does not do investigations? Yet, he provides zero proof or thought process as to how the Russians could have possibly affected one single vote. This charade is about interference that cannot affect one single vote? But Brennan needs to turn to the FBI because citizens can “wittingly or unwittingly” become pawns of the Russian Master minds? tnau thinks that John Brennan believes he is a spy novel, since this is one big bullshit story. Again John Brennan says, in ”witting or unwitting” fashion? So John Brennan wants us to believe that his motive was to protect Trump Supporters and our Nation from becoming Russian Spies without knowing it? Look people, tnau has been at this a long time and John Brennan displayed to America what a “political set up” looks like within the KGB Triangle. These “people” Brennan is referring to are Trump Supporters looking to reach out to Russia to see if political common ground could be met from which the two nations could do business. But John Brennan, and these are his words, “knows how the Russians operate” and he did not view these people as engaging in political outreach – no, the person that does not do investigations “knew” what the Russians were up to? No people, what John Brennan engaged in during his testimony was a “Freudian straddle.” Brennan knows the Democratic Super Group paid for the hack, he knew the intensity of this situation, and he knew that he/Obama/Chicago Super Group had led these people into a Democratic funded Russian snare – that is the “unwittingly” that Brennan is referring to. Watch how nervous he gets when he keeps saying it. Brennan knows that tnau knows exactly what happened. John Brennan is a farking traitor that used this election to try and hurt the people that voted for Donald Trump. And if Brennan/Obama/CSG “unwittingly” hurt the Nation, so be it. They have always wanted Socialism anyways.

Did John Brennan only call the head of Russian Intelligence when Brennan realized how dangerous a situation HE AND DEMOCRATS had created? tnau is here to tell you emphatically YES. tnau made damn sure the heat was applied, and Brennan blinked. Brennan did not call Russian Head of Intelligence to warn him about his inability to AFFECT ONE SINGLE VOTE – Brennan voiced his concerns about the FARKING DANGER LEVEL he and democrats had created.

Democrats wittingly betrayed Trump Supporters and our Nation…



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