In The Case of A Faulty Drop, Leave The Glass, There is Nothing To Drink



James Clapper is a Democratic Super Group political operative.



The more we hear from Brennan, Clapper and even Yates the more convinced REAL AMERICANS (R.A.) become regarding the “paid hack”. And the corrupt news cycle that feeds this Russia charade. The CNN scoundrels want the R.A. to believe that Kushner, a trained lawyer, MBA graduate who has done billion dollar office buildings deal in NYC talked into an open mic with Ambassador Kislyak? And naturally, Kushner, a seasoned NYC knowledge base, requested to use the Russian Embassy? It is beyond ridiculous, so what is it? It is a “paid hack” political hit on Kushner.  Then Clapper who is part and parcel of the DSG goes on CNN and says this, “what I saw required an investigation, I do not know intent or substance of meetings with Russians, but it needs to be investigated. To clear up this “dark cloud” that hangs over us.” People lets make this real clear, that was a nervous James Clapper who knows full well the National Security Team drew “POLITICALLY MOTIVATED CONCLUSIONS” from these meetings, and then allowed the scumbags from the msmedia to claim criminal intent. Both Clapper and the msmedia know the Russians ALWAYS speak in manipulative terms. The Russians rely on the nauseating socialistic groaners (msmedia/democrats) to carry their message.

The nauseating groaners want us to believe that Jarred Kushner asked to use a Russian Embassy? No, what makes much more sense is that Kislyak is playing KGB “twist and turn”. Make no mistake people, democrats want to hurt our Country…and they will use the KGB to do it.

What the democrats are doing to our Country is beyond forgiveness. They used the KGB to attack REAL AMERICANS, democrats can never be forgiven…

Donald Trump – or America never again.


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