In The Case of A Faulty Drop, Leave The Glass, There is Nothing To Drink








We hope you enjoy the website and the content that we provide. The reason we ask for donations is to improve and expand the website. It is our dedicated belief that TNAU can be shaped into one of the most dynamic and interesting blog websites on the Internet. We will need resources and support to make this effort a voice to be heard. The possibilities are noteworthy.

From insightful blog posts, poetry/songs, energy conservation developments, a real neat GOP nick knack shop, all the way to the potential of TNAU internet talk radio. Together we can display a grass roots effort for the world to see. I cannot fund all of these exciting opportunities with out of pocket financing. Quite simply, I need your help. I can provide the content, if you could help with basic resources here at start up – the site stands a much better chance at success.


I will share my supporters with no one. I have spent my life keeping secrets, and I love doing it. Nothing this site ever engages in is illegal, nor unethical. The Blogs Post are that of a persona for a TNAU movie script. The posts are “a what if political proposition; a political believe it or not.” All of it may be true, all of it may be a lie. Hopefully it is quite enjoyable. Everything is based upon a plot for a movie.

We have a dynamic political blog. Dynamic poetry and song. We have an exciting potential entry into the energy conservation market place. I think TNAU talk radio would be awesome. We are the GOP of heart, mind and soul.

If you will support this site, I will dedicate myself to making this blog a great place to gather.

God bless America, God bless the American people.

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