In The Case of A Faulty Drop, Leave The Glass, There is Nothing To Drink



Donald Trump has weathered the DSG paid hack, it is over for Democrats…tnau hoped for special counsel !!!



This whole Russia charade will turn into a Republican bludgeoning tool of Democrats. Flynn made mistakes in his filings and will get a Petraeus style charge, but this mess goes nowhere close to getting into the Whitehouse. Republicans will get to boast how many “TV hours and print pages” were put into this story charade (and tnau has it all logged) and the American people will seek revenge on Democrats. Democrats are on their last leg, and they were hoping for the Russian Charade to give them strength and two to stand on, instead they will land on their arses just like they did last election. Make no mistake, Mueller is their worst nightmare. The facts are simple people, Trump did NOT collude with anyone and the so called “hack” produced nothing useable. Democrats cannot point to anything the hack affected. What the DSG paid hack did was it created political turmoil favor for Dems – FOR NOW - but it affected not one single vote. As the worm turns, that Russian hack will produce political turmoil favor for the GOP and it will positively affect more votes than anyone can now imagine. The GOP will run/base their election upon the msmedia sponsored harassment of Donald Trump and Republicans. The amount of coverage devoted to this NON EVENT is comical. Commercials depicting the CNN coverage of  ”Nothing there” will have REAL Americans rolling around on the floor laughing their arses off.

tnau is telling you right now. The tau legal team has scoured everything and has fed it to the computer for analysis. Not once, and I repeat NOT ONCE has anyone said let alone displayed just how this “Hack” affected the out come of the election. Trump is NOT involved. And the hack that affected nothing received nauseating coverage as the GOP tried to do the work of the people. tnau just paid big bucks to have the legal team review this matter. Democrats are TOAST. Donna Brazile/CNN gave Hillary the debate questions..har har har.  Does CNN have an Anderson Cooper problem???

Hang in there Donald Trump. You are, and you will prove to be – One of the last of the Greatest American Heroes for Generations to come.




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