In The Case of A Faulty Drop, Leave The Glass, There is Nothing To Drink



Donald Trump and GOP are under attack by Blue State Democracy… (BSD)



It is our hope that reasonable Democrats will realize where our Country was heading to with Blue State Democracy. A very bad place for society. And John Brennan, James Clapper, Sally Yates, and James Comey along with DSG/CSG, Obama/Clinton are the epitome of Blue State Democracy. And please understand, it has been known by tnau, the Military, and Private Security apparatus for a very long time – Blue State Democracy does not protect the citizens, Blue State Democracy protects the criminals. Hillary and Bill Clinton were running a “pay for play” Foundation and BSD protected them. The Democratic Super Group illegally meddled in our recent election and BSD protected them. The Chicago Super Group, their Unions and Government workers have been ripping off society for decades, the BSD protected them. Governor Cuomo gave Richard Matt artwork to Barrack Obama, the Nation never heard another peep about Dannemora – the BSD protected Cuomo. And many would ask, oh why does it matter? Well, it matters since you have no idea where your Government was heading if Donald Trump did not prevail. The whole Russian charade shows the level of corruption BSD has risen too. BSD will not accept the result of the election, and they are RIGHT NOW engaged in a Russian Espionage play that is both treacherous and destructive to our Country.

Understand, BSD democrats are not only passive violent criminals, they are Hodgkinson, they are violent criminals. The numbers are certain and cannot be refuted. Why does it matter?

81% of violent crime in our Country is committed by BSD Democrats.

74% of white collar crime is committed by BSD Democrats.

77% of Medicare fraud is committed by BSD Democrats.

Over 80% of election fraud is committed by BSD Democrats.

Our prison system is filled to the brink with BSD Democrats.

We have a crime ridden Blue State Democracy (BSD) and the Nation is over 20 FARKING TRILLION in debt, a debt that our Nation can never repay, which was acquired at the hands of BSD Democrats. In the minds of Blue State Democracy (all those listed above) there was only one way that our Country could survive – and there answer was SOCIALISM. They wanted a monster sized Blue State Democracy run by corrupt Government Officials like Brennan, Clapper, Yates and Comey with msmedia as the soothing tonic of the masses. An msmedia that would have used Hillary to convince everyone that those nasty Capitalists would pay their “fair share” as if the 20 trillion down the drain was not enough. It is a long and difficult saga to fully explain in a blog, but tnau assures you. Donald Trump has gotten in the way of their Socialistic Dreamscape i.e. BSD Gestapo EPA, BSD Gestapo Supreme Court, BSD Gestapo Obamacare, BSD Gestapo IRS. Solar Panels on every home/business, electric cars in every driveway, fully recycled packaging, a BSD controlled employer hiring process, a BSD siri in every home…ect ect. People, BSD espionage which is working with the Russians to try and frame Trump was their ace in the hole. The Socialistic Dreamscape was/is at stake . Putin was giddy, and tnau will tell you this first hand, Putin believed it was the “on ramp” to a new form of communism. The Chinese believed the same thought. The United States of America, that young Democracy could not last, because it was not the USA, it was a corrupt Blue State Democracy that does not protect the citizens, it protects the criminals…



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