In The Case of A Faulty Drop, Leave The Glass, There is Nothing To Drink




We are waiting until we can load video content to display the dynamic energy conervation product we have developed. Anyone needing more info is encouraged to contact us through the contact page.

TNAU believes in caring for the environment. I hold the view that energy conservation is a sustainable call to action. If we put our thought process to work, we can reduce our consumption at all terminals of use. Considerable amounts of energy can be saved. Conservation can be a lifestyle event. It is for me, and those I call friends.

We instinctively realize that the Nation needs affordable forms of energy, without that, our economy grinds to a halt. An Energy Policy that includes “all of the above” sounds reasonable. We must take the resources that we have and do our best to make them as clean a fuel as possible. With a personal mandate to use as little as possible.

One of the uses for any money TNAU recieves is to provide video content of the energy conservation product I have developed. A product designed to be part of the solution. Viewers should know that I believe this invention is noteworthy.

The product design has been accepted into a business assistance program of a large University here in the Northeast. The Intellectual Property Law Clinic at this University is representing us in our patent filing. The product is Patent Pending.

We believe that this product can go on to be an excellent addition to energy conservation measures. It can also be the basis to form one of the premier non profits in the Country, by helping those in need to reduce their energy bill. People in need pay higher than average utility costs due to their circumstances.

Naturally, we will do business with everyone regardless of their political persuasion. As a founding member of TNAU and by virtue of being a GOP political activist, it is my feeling that they did not want to do business with me.

I call upon GOP supporters to please consider helping us out. So that we can develop a quality video demonstrations of this product. Supporters would be able to review how this product works. Perhaps we could form a GOP grass roots investment fund to bring this product to market?

Those that question hanging out with TNAU? Obama hung out with Bill Ayers, I am the antithesis of that individual. We study the New Testament…


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