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CNN claimed Dem Super Group paid hack is “ludicrous” – Oh really?



The evidence is quite certain, the DSG paid the Russians. The CNN “ludicrous” claim shows how very little CNN and most democrats know or understand regarding Russian Espionage. Or better yet, the treacherous and vindictive democrats that try to run and ruin this Country. The DSG/CSG were supremely pissed off at Trump over what he said about Muslims, what he said about Latino’s/illegal immigration, and more certainly what he said about the EPA and the Supreme court. Democrats wanted revenge, and they wanted Trump to suffer after he lost to Hillary. So much so, they agreed to allow the Democratic Crime Syndicate to pick Hillary’s, not the Nations mind you, but “Hillary’s” Attorney General. After the Billy Bush tape was released, they all/collectively said Trump was toast. Meanwhile, Brennan and Clapper were conspiring and were engaged in the greatest “framing event” of Trump supporters in our Nations History. They knew the DSG paid for the hack, but for the hack to work and to blame Trump for it, Dems needed a big show for the msmedia scumbags. What more could anyone want? Trump supporters met with Russians and the DNC was hacked. har har har. Brennan knew Trump supporters had been meeting with Russians, the Russians were telling the DSG everything and every move Trump people were making – well almost every move. Or at least the moves that were dollar worthy. The Russians were giddy. They were getting paid to rile up hysterical democrats if by miracle Hillary lost, or they could hold great sway over Hillary after her victory speech. Which everyone believed was going to happen, including the Russians. Hillary talked about lifting the sanctions at her Great Russian Summit to move past the hack, with Russian assurances there would be no more worthless hacks hehe he. Blame Trump. Trump had already “LOST” the election in the minds of everyone. People, tnau knows for certain that everyone involved considered the Russian hack a JOKE. Yeah, it affected not one single vote and it certainly did not affect our Democracy. It was a useless and worthless hack. Unless of course we count Donna Brazile (which is key) and the ongoing attempt to destroy Trump and our Country. The hack was a “set up”  that was going to be used to “make Trump sweat” and to seriously damage his brand after he lost. Hillary and the DCS were promising Latinos “payback” of Trump, way before the election. After the Billy Bush tape, they claimed it with certainty.

After Trump won the election tnau picked up “key” intercepts. It was likely one of our greatest maneuvers. tnau knew people would be sloppy if Trump could pull it off. How did we know that? Benghazi, and that stupid video we promoted in the M.E. tnau learned a lot about Democrats after the night of Benghazi. And honestly, we do not believe the GOP would be in the Whitehouse if it were not for tnau/Fox/Trey Gowdy. Who did a masterful job on Hillary and Brennan. Yeah, without the Hillary email scandal and a determined Donald Trump, Hillary is in the Whitehouse and the door to Socialism is swung wide open. Donald Trump was the only person on earth that could, or would, say what most Americans were thinking, and feeling in their hearts. We crossed our fingers. Hoping Donald “the tank” Trump would plow them under. It worked. And the night of and the day after the election we had every single electronic asset in play in key areas. Wow…

Remember how espionage works. It takes an insider to truly work best. And Democrats had John Brennan “framing” Donald Trump.

Hillary committed election fraud, after Russian money poured into the Clinton Foundation over the Russian Uranium deal…the genesis of the contact for the hack.

The only thing ludicrous about the paid hack, is CNN.


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