In The Case of A Faulty Drop, Leave The Glass, There is Nothing To Drink



Ben Sasse self promotion shows an illiterate living with a utopian mouth piece…



tnau watched Ben Sasse on CNN and we want ALL Republicans to watch it, so that they can see what a confused utopian mouth piece looks like – as the Democratic Super Group cheers on “Ben the Sucker” who thinks his utopian thought process is a “reality” when it comes to TRUSTING the msmedia. As he wraps his garble within the “Constitution” and what he wants for our young people? Really, everyone should watch Ben Sasse to understand what the Blue State Democracy disease looks and sounds like. Oh man, he made it sound so suave` ya know. Do not weaponized distrust? The farking msmedia has been using passive digital violence against Republicans for ages and he LECTURES US about the media weapon and how it should be used – with dignity? as he clap traps the First Amendment. Unbelievable. Free Speech as long as you do not tell the people that the msmedia are righteous, manipulative, passively violent Socialists who want to control America’s thought process? His argument made the case for exactly what Trump is doing to defend this Country from the Democratic/msmedia/Russian espionage. And since Trump is warning Americans that “what America is about” as Ben put it, is NOT what you are being serviced by the digital thugs that run msmedia. Ask Ben, where does America go when the msmedia has become corrupted? Who and/or what rights, that wrong? The 1st Amendment never discussed the remedy for a corrupted media. No Ben, what America does is EXACTLY what Trump/his supporters and open minded Democrats are doing. Trump is pointing out that the msmedia has weaponized the news cycle at the behest of the Democratic Super Group, a DSG who want to march us into msmedia controlled Socialism. Ben Sasse sounded just like a French/Socialist Intelligence Officer whom tnau has on tape. Talk utopian First Amendment Free Speech, with National Pride, then set up the people for the digital thugs to brain wash them for what we want. Digital Thugs that are accountable to NO ONE. Digital Thugs with Blue State Democracy that sold your children down the river with 20 plus TRILLION in debt on the snarky path to Socialism. Digital Thugs that yawn when Bill Clinton rapes women, but goes berserk over a benign scar face comment. Digital Thugs that turned a blind eye to Clinton Foundation “pay for play” and countless other Clintonian criminal activity. Digital Thugs that know Trump was framed by the Democratic Super Group and Blue State Democracy Socialists.

Ben Sasse, the happy little puppy dog goes on CNN to lecture Republicans about the First Amendment, as Republicans are fighting to save this Country from the Digital Thugs of the First Amendment. Got news for you Ben. Without Donald Trump you can kiss this place goodbye. Those are AMERICAN CHILDREN that were sold down the river…


Donald Trump, or America NEVER again…


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