In The Case of A Faulty Drop, Leave The Glass, There is Nothing To Drink



Based upon John Brennan testimony the CIA must immediately release the names of all known KGB agents…



tnau has completed the full review of Brenan testimony, and to say it was bizarre testimony is an understatement. According to John Brennan American Citizens are at risk of being influenced and “recruited” by the KGB to work for Russia. tnau believes that a Freedom Of Information filing should be immediately served upon the CIA for a full release of the names and pictures of all known KGB agents. So that Americans that talk to Russians, let alone do business with them, would know that they are in fact dealing with a KGB agent and would be able to appropriately protect themselves. Take it to the Supreme Court and see what happens. John Brennan has pressed the “panic button”  regarding the so called Russian KGB influence, but no where in any records can tnau find a moment when the CIA, prior to any election has sent out a memorandum or held a conference with potential law makers, staff, businessmen, or tourists – to inform them of this grave TREASONOUS threat that they might face from interacting with a Russian. What tnau also found most disturbing was the lack of substance with case history review of someone, anyone, that has been recruited by the KGB and then detected by our “Brennan” guardian of democracy. Can someone ask John Brennan to provide America some case history so that we might learn from it, and how that lesson might help protect us? tnau does not believe any exists. This vast threat might not have ever successfully recruited FARKING ONE ”witting or unwitting” spy. Unless of course Anderson Cooper can tell us if he knows a Russian named Neachi`. And tnau is certain, this farking Brennan “Russia” charade has NEVER been proven to affect one single vote.

The Brennan testimony was downright shocking. John Brennan made it appear that a Russian Cosmonaut can wave his hand across the face of an American, give that person a serious look, and then turn them into a Russian spy. John Brennan called in ALL THE SECURITY branches and informed them of this Russian threat, because ya know, of the “stove piping” that went on before 911? Yet the CIA has not ever, as tnau can tell, released a farking memo warning people of this vast threat that required a reference to 911???? Is John Brennan telling the American people that this massive Russian threat to our Democracy was only uncovered during the Trump campaign? And oh wait, this massive Russian threat that could not be “stove piped” only happened with Trump supporters. That is exactly what Brennan is saying.

Ask John Brennan for one memo regarding this threat, and one case history of someone being successfully recruited. Ask him. Guess what people, neither exists.

This massive Russian threat to our Democracy was borne from a worthless hack of the DNC, which tells you all you need to know about this investigation. You know where tnau stands and we cannot impress upon you enough - the Democratic Super Group paid the Russian hackers to hack the DNC, a DNC computer system that was left vulnerable to hacking by the Chicago Super Group. And from that worthless hack, a Russian Cosmonaut can wave his hand across your face and turn you into a treasonous spy…


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