In The Case of A Faulty Drop, Leave The Glass, There is Nothing To Drink


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Nixon was always melancholy that a clumsy break in at the Watergate would not only end his Presidency, it would jeopardize a valued possession . There was no faulty first cut at the Watergate. Liddy and Hunt broke the Cardinal rule of the “drop” and went back for a second time.

The world of the “drinking glass” is not a batters box. You do not get to stand there until you hit the ball. What most people never realized was that Mark Felt was waiting for them. Felt had outwitted Liddy and Hunt. Some have speculated that Felt was on the payroll of a high net worth Democratic operative. One leak from a Barker shoe horn in Miami was all he needed.

Does Felt have pictures of two of the burglars before they were apprehended at the Watergate? Another big question, what did Felt hold against the reporters so that they would never leak “Deep Throat” until he gave them permission.

The Alliance Underground had pictures of Felt that could have saved Nixon’s Presidency. Nixon said no, the country is bigger than one man or the job – he would walk. These were very turbulent times. The whole affair could have descended into a mind boggling free for all. The only proof anyone needs? Felt demanded a pardon from Reagan and received it.

The Nixon Alliance Underground would live on.

The scene is sometime within the last 30 years. Mike F. the head of TNAU has passed away. The inner circle is watching tapes of the Nixon resignation up on the big screen. Each member has lit their candle for exactly three minutes to bid farewell to Mike, the Green Beret.

Jamie P. stands up to address the inner circle and those on the conference call.

“Ellwood, Nail Head, Porter, Simon, The Drinking Glass crew. I have the roster and operational details. I have access to the codes and control of the accounts – I am in Command of The Nixon Library.”

An unyielding, cohesive, impenetrable organization. People believe that the Constitution and Congress give them the freedom they enjoy – like water falling from the sky. The Constitution and Congress have nothing to do with it; it was people like navy seal Jones that gave them the freedom they enjoy. As the North Vietnamese were dipping his feet into a cauldron of boiling oil, his muted scream was unmistakable  In….God….We….Trust

Nuance: At one time the Nixon Library was one of the most advanced “tilt” operations around. Man we have to admit, most of the Presidents were on the uglier side. At least Andrew Jackson had some flair…

Little known Fact: Some of the best counterfeiters one could find came out of the Aircraft Carrier Groups. Foreign currency was a cake walk. Just remember you have to carry a bunch of it to buy anything. Most paper is like a US penney nickel dime. That is why Japan does not have bank robbers. You have to carry off so much paper to get any real value, it is not worth the effort.

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