In The Case of A Faulty Drop, Leave The Glass, There is Nothing To Drink



A Democratic activist shoots people at a baseball game, so the msmedia sobs and talks tolerance?



If a Tea Party activist would have shot Nancy Pelosi the msmedia would be going farking berserk with ZERO talk of tolerance. Blaming Trump for his intolerance, his division, his tweets, and his programs –  all of which led a Tea Party activist to go off the range. What the msmedia fails to acknowledge in their phony sobbing tolerance charade is that democrats are physically violent people, being stoked by the passively violent Democrats within the CNN/msmedia socialists. CNN/msmedia is the passively violent form of Occupy Wall ST, Black Lives Matter, and now gunman Hodgkinson. All share the same psychology – hurt Republicans any way you can, and kill a few if you have to. CNN/msmedia have been attacking our Country and our President for the last 6 months over a “guilt by association” mandate. A mandate brought forth by the passively violent John Brennan and James Clapper. Who act at the behest of the Democratic Super Group/Chicago Super Group. And just how bad is their collective passive violence? People, James Comey went on National TV in a farking Senate Hearing to BRAG about how he framed Trump so that he could get a Special Counsel appointed. And the msmedia applauded him, instead of running him out of town? Comey feigns the shy FBI Director but is in reality no different psychologically than the gunman at the baseball game. Both, along with the msmedia wanted to hurt Republicans.

Scalise is fighting for his life and the msmedia sob and talks tolerance? As their Democratic cancer encourages everyone to hurt Republicans/President Trump anyway possible, and if they have to frame Trump so be it. If Hodgkinson has to kill people, so be it. The Democratic party is too important to allow violence to get in the way…

Democrats within our Federal Operating System and the msmedia are a cancer, and Donald Trump knows it. Trump should PARDON everyone involved in the investigation and take it to the polling booth. tnau has done polling, people will be shocked.

The fighting has only just begun…




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