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A little motivational twist that TNAU would use, and uses, is to hold a list of 12 names, names of people whom when you pull up their profile, then review it and gain strength from having done so. Gotta tell you, since John Boehner became Speaker of the House he has been on the list. One might ask why? Well, just review today’s news conference. No slick double talk, no phony veneer, no kidding of himself as to who he is – no, just a plain spoken House Member from Ohio. See, John Boehner is JUST LIKE the American people. Pull a guy/gal off the street and stick them into that news conference and guess what. They will look and sound JUST LIKE John Boehner. We carry him on our list of 12, and he happens to be a favorite. Today’s news conference people, began to move us closer to getting back to what makes America different – we solve challenges we encounter to move ourselves and our countrymen forward !!!

Now remember, Obama could NOT get 2/3 of the American people to the polls to vote, so we are really not sure what the elections results truly meant? Many blogs posts ago we talked about con men and how they behave after the con has failed. Obama talking incoherently on National T.V. after convincing himself he was being clever. We have studied con men for close to 40 years. We have seen it a hundred times – “if only that last sucker (2/3 that did not vote) would have given me 5k, I could have convinced 8 more people to give me 40k. See, the con men (Obama) has blinders on. By way of being a pathological liar he blames the last sucker for his downfall, unable to comprehend the reality - the 2/3 non vote truly meant that there were NO SUCKERS LEFT to vote for his b.s.

The people voted Barack. And they voted for a 1/12 Boehner, the honest plain spoken man from Ohio – NOT YOU !!!

John Boehner man…America, what a beautiful place.


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The truth; Barack is a pathological liar in desperate need of help. Him the msmedia/Chicago Super Group and the lie, cheat and steal democrats gave us a broken healthcare system, a treacherous ISIS, a mountain of debt, and a Federal Reserve living in denial. Hope and Change was vetted by TNAU – we found a con man running a fraud for the Chicago Super Group.

TNAU worked tirelessly over the past years. I/we regret the slag in the blog over the past two months, but life calls my strength – my dearest friend. How could I be in Baltimore running the high end drop when I was home watching law and order?

God Bless America. I will be back when time permits…

There was never anything wrong with the GOP, our Platform is America !!! TNAU chuckled at the GOP autopsy. Lie, cheat and steal democrats are road kill…


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Bombshell – and stay tuned…

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Apologize for letting blog posts slip but the DOJ and the CSG are truly the criminal element that the GOP believes they are. Latest card is reading that the CSG and Holder were outing operatives in the Middle East to keep the money flowing from Tehran. Obama told Holder the names of people working in Iraq, Holder told the CSG, and two operatives suddenly were found dead – the work of Rouhani. Look people, this whole Iranian operation has turned into a murderous situation that is being hidden behind the veil of the whole ISIS dilemma. Obama has turned into a treacherous thug, just like the Iranians. He farking outed assets that were helpful to the U.S. and he did it for MONEY and a Nuclear Deal for his farking Library !!! IRANIAN Super Group money. Obama is going to spend 1.2 billion on the Nation’s Black President Library – some crazy tourist attraction for Muslims across the world. Years ago it was designed/decided by this insane CIA operation that Rouhani would “have space” literally in the Obama Presidential Library. Obama’s whole Presidency was predicated upon this insane yet bogus Iranian Nuclear deal. The msmedia, through manipulation by the Democratic Super Groups were led to believe this b.s. with Iran was the mother of all deals. And guess what the Democratic Super Groups ended up giving America? Yeah, they gave us ISIS and pictures of Foley’s head being used as a soccer ball. Everyone except the American people knew about this b.s with Iran. The msmedia torpedoed Romney for Obama/CSG/Iran, as ISIS thrived in the shadows of Obama’s/CSG’s horse shit. Benghazi was the ISIS green light. The CIA/CSG/Rouhani nuclear deal paralyzed Obama and his Presidency.

Also, the Democratic Super Groups are promising “protection” for most of Obama staff, especially Holder and Lerner. Look, they are such a cesspool of corruption they have to promise security protection to keep everyone from telling the truth. Think about it, the Nation has corrupt Government Officials and corrupt billionaire private security – who happen to work hand in hand with the FBI and Secret Service – killing operatives in Iraq and promising security off/away from the Government books for Obama people and staff. Everyone else, well, everyone else gets to take their chances of getting their heads cut off…People this situation is much worse than anything you could believe. The Government under Obama has basically disintegrated, the Government is for sale with the CSG promising to protect everyone that was/is involved.

Democratic Super Groups are going after Republicans and the FBI is looking the other way…you will NOT believe the crap the DOJ is trying to pull with me. Tell Holder what goes around come around…


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Been away tending to family. In many respects guarding the bedside of a beloved TNAU… Holder and the Justice Dept. sunk to a new low.

Good news is TNAU has people inside ISIS, bad news is that John Brennan tried to take credit for it. Good news is that Holder left office, bad news is that the Chicago Super Group and Obama are still taking bribe money from Iran for a bogus nuclear deal. People have no idea how low the CSG has sunk as Obama is circling the toilet bowel.

Just wait until the GOP takes power…

You people will NOT believe what the DOJ did to an elderly woman battling a serious infection !!!

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Rick Perry – a man of moral fortitude and bedrock integrity is maliciously attacked by a lie, cheat and steal democrat named Rosemary Lehmberg, who also happens to be mentally unstable. And again, is another democrat on the payroll of high net worth democratic donors. The criminality of the Democratic Party knows no bounds, as they would rather sleep with the devil than to part with their corrupt and evil ways.

Rick Perry, a man, a good man, a precious man – for he is one you would leave the keys to the Kingdom in his hands !!!

What are Democrats and Rosemary Lehmberg – a pack of skunks that live in their politically corrupt cesspool? I think the voters will tell us all about them this fall. That grand jury indictment has to be the most despicable abuse of the justice system TNAU has ever witnessed. And tell Rosemary Lehmberg we know that she talked to an Eric Holder assistant several times regarding the Obama/Holder character assassination of Rick. People, Obama encouraged this malicious behavior. Guess how and when Rosemary Lehmberg will be paid off…


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TNAU heard that there is serious pressure being put on the county prosecutor to file charges. The problem with Holder and the Prosecutor is that most of their witnesses lied about what happened. Basically the so called witnesses made up something called the ” street story” to favor the black “victim”. We heard that Holder really did not care that everyone was lying about what happened, Holder determined that 6 shots was too many shots and Wilson should be charged. Look people, Holder views Wilson and the ”white” people of Ferguson as Tea Party whites and he is out to seek revenge. Marc Rich told us stuff about Holder, basically claiming that Holder was a fraud and a racist. And somehow this crook who is now part of the Chicago Super Group became Attorney General. Holder is being paid by the CSG to stay in Office until the last 8 months of Obama’s term, if not for the full remaining time.  Yes, Holder is being paid by the CSG. And through their corrupt methodology they see “votes” in Ferguson. Desperate votes but votes nonetheless.

People, Holder tipped off Cuomo over the impending investigation into Cuomo’s dirty hand of corruption. Again, go back and look at what Cuomo said about the Tea Party. Cuomo, a loud mouth Italian arsehole is telling people that the Tea Party has no place in his State? As Cuomo engages in racketeering always believing that Obama/Holder/CSG/msmedia would protect him. Several of Cuomo’s largest donors cheated on their taxes under the IRS L.O.W. program and Holder knows it. Holder met with Louis Lerner 2 times. He had no idea there was a drone following Lerner.

The TNAU Constitutional expert always believed that Democrats seriously misinterpreted the Second Amendment. Our expert is certain that the Founding Fathers had Obama/Holder/CSG/msmedia/ and Ferguson in mind when they were talking about the right to bear arms, and the important passage regarding a binding Militia. The Founding Fathers knew there could come a point where the Government became corrupt i.e. Holder/Cuomo/Obama Democrats and would begin to refuse to enforce the law – like they are doing in Ferguson. The TNAU expert believes that Ferguson represents to the fullest extent, what was meant. The citizens have a right to bear arms to form a militia to protect themselves when the Government refuses to enforce the law. White people in Ferguson should not have to fear for their lives because a corrupt black Democrat resides in the Whitehouse.

Word on the street in Ferguson is that a paramilitary team is forming to begin making citizen arrests of the dangerous individuals/democrats. Don’t laugh, several experts are convinced it will stand up in Court.


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The point at which the fabric of society starts to come apart. The Government/IRS targets white people in the Tea Party on orders from a black democrat in the Whitehouse, and the msmedia and democratic lawmakers find nothing wrong with that? In fact, many of them secretly condoned the activity hoping Lerner could get away with it. For they know Eric Holder is a corrupt Attorney General. How corrupt? Word is that Holder tipped off Cuomo over the impending investigation. Holder told the Chicago Super Group and they in turn told Cuomo. A NY State Police person is a TNAu associate asset. Democratic lawmakers and certainly Cuomo have embraced the Chicago ”way” of systematic political corruption.

Now how come the Justice Dept. allows the IRS to go after “white” people of the Tea Party. So ask yourselves this. Is there a tape of Holder meeting with Lerner privately during the period of the targeting. I mean, what in the world would Holder and Lerner have to discuss in private? Then Holder drags his feet on the investigation. Why? We know for sure that if the IRS had targeted the NAACP (who have a sketchy donation list) and called them “arseholes” and “crazies” the msmedia, Holder, and Democratic Lawmakers would be going nuts. But since it is the Tea Party, who are the despised “white people” of the President and democratic operatives, Holder does what he can to impede the investigation.

Then comes Ferguson. Obviously and once again this young man Brown is not what they were proclaiming. Innocent black kid gunned down in cold blood. No, what we have is an agitated black kid who tried to strong arm a cop’s gun away from the cop, which resulted in the hood being shot to death. Now it appears that black democrats are allowed to riot, loot and destroy property and nothing will be done about it, why? Because a black highway “captain” is saying that it is ok. No arrest will be made. Uh, we checked the law and he is NOT allowed to make that decision and we want the black Highway Patrol “hero” captain removed immediately. In fact, a lawsuit against the Governor and the State Police Dept. is in the works. They do not get to decide when they will arrest the angry mob and when they will not !!! Eric Holder is telling black democrats that it is ok to riot, destroy and steal from and threaten the white people of Ferguson? Just like he told Lerner that is was ok to target and threaten the “white” people of the Tea Party.

Red Alert: TNAU has assets in Ferguson and uncovered some shocking information. For months there was word on the street in Ferguson that they were going to kill a ”white Cop”.  Yeah, black democrats were trying to intimidate the white people of Ferguson. And guess who was behind the “word on the street” yeah you got it, Holder’s pals from the Black Panthers. Talk about racism, my God. Word on the street in Ferguson was that they were going to kill a “white cop” and black democrats were hoping it was going to happen…The people of America need a lawsuit against Johnson and the Governor for NOT making criminal arrests. By doing so they are putting the lives of white cops at risk.

People, Eric Holder took money from Marc Rich for the Clinton Presidential pardon. The CSG thought they knew Rich, and guess what, TNAU knew him much better….

Holder has spun out of control, he tipped off Cuomo behind the backs of the Justice rank and file. TNAU believes that Holder will also expect money from Cuomo after Holder leaves office…

People, the Obama/Chicago Super Group took money from Syria, took money for the Gitmo 5, are taking money from Rouhani, shaved 7% off the money aid paid to Jordan. And are now allowing black democrats to riot in Fergason with no enforcement of the rule of law…



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The evidence has now confirmed that Obama’s new world order that he blabbed about years ago is nothing more than a delusional rant from a Chicago con man. I mean, just go back and look at the tape of this clown. Everything is wrong with everybody, and his b.s. is going to fix all of it? The msmedia had found the solution to domestic problems and problems the world over – the solution? B.S. from an incompetent black democrat out of Chicago. Frankly, Obama’s new world order looks just like the Illinois Government and the streets of Chicago i.e. corrupt democrats stealing from the treasury and people shooting each other on the street over a pair of shoe laces. What TNAU finds so striking is how the msmedia believed the CSG, and still eats out of their bag of crap. Obama is the shining example of democratic lie, cheat and steal. Obama talks incoherently and the msmedia say nothing. Why? Because he always talked incoherently and now everyone realizes what was obvious to those that vetted Obama. He lives in a world of straddled deceit, lying and misleading comes so naturally for him it is his inner core. The CSG/msmedia sent this bozo around the world to tell everyone a fairy tale, the fairy tale was nothing more than his imagination running wild. A black man had been elected President, just wait, anything is possible. Well,  we now find out what is possible with a democrat from Chicago. And guess what. It is not a shiny new world of dialogue and deep reflection rooted in the diplomatic mission; understanding the perception of oppression. The shiny new world looks just like the dog shit that comes out the arse of Chicago. And it landed on the American people, our Allies, and the poor s.o.b.’s that believed in democratic delusion. The thought that their inherent corruption is actually a game plan.

What is becoming quite clear is that the American people were seriously bamboozled by these con men and are now trapped. Yeah trapped by lie, cheat and steal democrats. On the one side we have the organized criminal element which are the white collar democrats that concoct schemes to steal as much as they can from the treasury of the people. As they steal from us with both hands their mouths’ are crying out that there is not enough money and they need more. Crying out for another program to help another constituent so that they can help themselves to another shake down. Don’t you people get it, no matter how inefficient Chicago is and no matter how much money is wasted and stolen – it is the right thing to do. Obama b.s. will tell you that no matter how wrong it is, he can make you feel good about it - we are helping the people to the people’s money. After all, you did summon the courage to elect a Black man President and remember how good that made you feel. And don’t worry, the bill will get paid after we are long gone from the scene of the crime. Then are the other side the people are trapped by the constituent’s of the people’s money. Ya know. The beneficiary’s that game the system for all its worth. Scam the food stamp program. Abuse the social security disability trust. Work with organized white collar democrats to defraud Medicare. Get as many people as possible on Medicaid. Go out and get a mortgage you cannot repay and cry out that you were deceived into believing you could pay a $100 mortgage with $20, after all that logic works with Government programs. And finally, just commit brutal street crimes of dealing drugs, larceny, rape and murder and whatever else society forced you into doing.

The people have been trapped by the democrats. Look, the democrats in Ferguson learned their smash and grab technique from Democratic law makers. Democratic law makers have perfected the craft. They have smashed the glass of the Federal Treasury and have been grabbing the people’s money for years. And then ponder the state of affairs in this Country where now, everyone is out to game the system and then blame it on society. Democratic Lawmakers have created a society of lie, cheat and steal. And then watched Obama/CSG/msmedia take it to a whole new level by using the IRS to target the people that want to stop the larceny of smash and grab. But then the whole new level goes to another whole new level. A black democrat is our Attorney General, and he does not prosecute criminal activity within the Federal Government, another procedure learned from the criminal machine that runs Chicago.

Think about that for one minute. ICIS has the mother of all terrorist training camps, and America has a corrupt Federal Government – what could possibly go wrong. As everyone cried on election night in 2008, just look at how far our Nation has come…just think of what is possible?


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To hear Obama talk about what he learned from Libya is like listening to a man lost inside his own reasoning i.e he is a liar when he talks about Lybia which is why he makes no sense. A President of the US tells the American people that the most important lesson he learned was that the “diplomatic mission” is as important as any Military action? Uh, maybe the President has been absent from duty the past 30 years as the US struggled with the diplomatic mission in Gaza? The diplomatic mission in Korea, or dare we ask about the diplomatic mission in Iran? Or, how dare we ask about the FAILED diplomatic mission in Iraq. I mean, it is laughable what Obama said, yet Friedman and others reported it as news? Obama is off the rails, lecturing us on the importance of diplomacy as he left Stevens and others to die in coat closet drenched in kerosene – for he was sooo enamored with his intellectual frolicking (trusting Libyan Security)  that he pretended his fantasy was actually his policy of reaching out. TNAu is shocked he made the statement and that Friedman talked of a delusional world of no victor and no vanquished. Which is the story line of children book fables. Two crazy liberals talking to one another in fantasy land, and democrats report it as news? The Nation is going to pay dearly for allowing an incompetent Obama a second term. People, Obama and Obama associates are taking money from Rouhani !!!

Shorter than usual post. TNAu is operating at maximum capacity. We moved people back into Iraq. Good news though. Our mechanical lizard killed and maimed several members of the ISIS army is a deserted part of Iraq. The explosive part of the unit is close to being as good as it gets.

Finally, tell Martha that the next time someone goes on her show and states that Obama did what the people wanted in Iraq by pulling out and leaving a vacuum? Have her ask them, then why are his poll numbers on F.P. so low? And ask Bill O’Reilly a simple question? O’Reilly keeps stating that the people have no idea why we went into Iraq in the first place? Bill, the chemical weapons were there, the Anthrax stock piles were stored in Libya. Bill, it is a simple question. Do you believe that Gadhafi and Saddam had a 50/50 split on the Anthrax stockpile. Bill, everyone on the street knows that was in fact the case. Bill, ICIS with the Gadhafi/Hussein anthrax stockpile – that is why the war was worth it !!! That one reason and that one stockpile. C’mon Bill, falling for the pollsters b.s. going into an election, you are slipping man. Bill, Al Qaida does have enough Anthrax to do some serious farking harm to the American people…the war in Iraq makes them ask themselves will it be worth it when we retaliate.

Ooops almost forgot. Cuomo going down the drain and the giant sucking sound of what he takes with him. The Feds have him dead to rights…who wants to bet Cuomo sells out.



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The msmedia sold out the American people. They got together and colluded to lie about the events in Benghazi, just to elect their deranged black democrat from Chicago. The msmedia has no idea the damage they did to America with that b.s. – trust us, the damage is real and everlasting. The filthy scoundrels from msmedia never stopped to assess what was going on behind the scenes, in the way Obama Associates were taking bribe/kick back money from foreign leaders or the fact that Obama Associates were paying Benghazi Security personnel under the table. The msmedia are laughable rubes of the corrupt democratic machine, and in fact are responsible for the hundreds of thousands of deaths that have taken place in the middle east. Lying about Benghazi opened Pandora’s box. Hope you are happy with the result. Remember now, the problem is the way we talk about Muslims and radical Islam. The Obama doctrine is to change the way we speak about them, after all, that and Gitmo are the real recruitment tools they are using? You people are delusional…

We have to say that Obama looked rather pathetic last night. A cardboard cut out of a President, who is a Commander, liar and cheat. TNAU has said it a thousand times, we will say it another thousand times – Obama is a pathological liar incapable of the truth. Basically, that horses arse is trying to tell us a “campaign promise” is responsible for the desperate situation Iraq and others find themselves in. People do not realize how pathological liars operate. In Obama’s twisted thought process everything is relative to “boots on the ground” which he will have none of. Yet, this horses arse had no problem sending troops into a hollow die for nothing war in Afghanistan. Obama knows he is a hypocrite, as well as a bizarre representation of himself. Oblivious to the fact that most every problem in the Middle East is of his doing. Remember now, Bin Laden is dead and Al Qaida is on the run – Obama knew these were deceitful lies but he enjoyed telling them to the people. Why? He has no inner core of stability, pathological liars like Obama operate within a split personality. On the one hand he is serious and in his own mind protecting of the American people (the fantasy), on the other hand everything he does is a counter productive measure to such a thought – which is the illness that feeds his nasty habit. His double talk and lying about Benghazi has set the parameters for what is unfolding – no one on the world stage respects Obama. People do NOT realize just how sick Obama truly is. Obama does not possess a logic train sequence which is why he acts haphazardly. Pathological liars think and act in an envelope of a deceitful straddle. Basically he lives in a world of make believe, or the world he wishes he had – no reality, just a political lie, cheat and steal campaign promise. His world of political deception is falling apart - and when con men reach that inflection point this is the point when they become most unstable. Obama will now give Rouhani anything he wants, for reality is difficult for Barack, an incompetent black democrat from Chicago. Look at his speeches, it is a never ending lecture about what is wrong with everyone and everything. Obama knows what is wrong with everything, and if only everyone would listen to him and live in his world of make believe, he would not have to come out and lecture everyone. People, he is engulfed in a classic pathological liar/con man maniacal farce. And thanks to the dirty msmedia scoundrels America will pay a heavy price…

The msmedia did NOT vet Obama. TNAU did. It became quite clear from people that knew him best that Barack was unstable. They told us he was a pathological liar. The deranged msmedia has no idea the damage they did to this Nation when they allowed Obama to lie about Benghazi. The msmedia has no idea the damage Obama Associates are doing by taking money/kick back influence peddling dollars from Foreign entities. People, they are taking money from Rouhani. Look, John Brennan will NOT pass a lie detector test. TNAU has perfected lie detector testing, it is how we have survived all these many years. These are brutal testing measures, but that is the way everyone wants it, and for good reason. Brennan helped to build the Obama farce.

Look, the phantom of “hope and change” is really a pathological monster. Whom the soft set American rubes believed in because of his skin color and an msmedia farce.

On a positive note, Cuomo is going to prison. Just watch.



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What is striking is that in the years before his death we approached Felt and showed him what we had on him. He told us some rather shocking stuff about the Washington Post and Democrats - at times in very harsh and derogatory terms. Basically laughing at Woodward and Bernstein as rather clumsy but useful. What was the most stunning is when we talked about Kennedy. He told us, show me what you have, I will tell you what I have…TNAU decided we would just discuss the matter.

Basically Felt admitted the Nixon saga was much to do about nothing – Felt admitted it was a vendetta. Triviality the msmedia could not resist. It was more of a ratings show than anything else. Then he did something that blew our mind. He told us where all of his personal documentation of the affair was hidden.

On a side note. Guess who has the gun that killed Gadhafi. Video documentation and all else…

Hey Bret, we put 5 stars on the calendar day. Beautiful family, so thanks for sharing something so personal. Man, in so many ways you epitomize the cloth TNAU is sewn from. Cannot wait to see the Cuomo perp walk. The guy is a thug and a creep. Eric Holder did not want to pursue the matter until 6 DOJ people said they would resign immediately if he did not. Obama and the CSG are arse deep into Cuomo. A bunch of stuff about Cuomo was mailed to the FBI…likely why they despise TNAU so much. Running circles man.


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TNAU has learned from our Muslim Brotherhood contacts that the money is being passed through Jordan. In fact, remember back when Jordan received US Aid for the Syrian refuges? Well, 7% of that 2 billion was “kicked back” to the Chicago Super Group. What is shocking is how brazen the Obama people have become, and the damage they have done to America and our people. Look, the Benghazi attack was in part and many believe a large extent, motivated by the fact that “certain” people on the Libyan security detail were being paid under the table by Obama Associates. This in turn created a friction amongst those protecting Stevens…and it does NOT stop there. Apparently the CSG took money from Syrian President Assad, and they took it so that Obama would NOT arm the rebels nor bomb Syria – they took even more from Assad over the bogus chemical weapons deal…TNAU is also certain that the CSG has been taking money from Rouhani over the Iranian/CIA Nuclear weapons deal. Another bogus Obama initiative. In fact, the lifting of the Iranian sanctions was a huge payday for Obama’s people. The latest postponement of talks was in fact another payment. TNAU is less certain about Putin/Russia, but our Russian analyst has a high degree of confidence in stating that the Russian Oligarchs paid Obama to exclude “oil and gas” from the latest round of sanctions imposed on Russia. Why? Because it is widely known to “assets” and “operators” that Obama is taking money. People do not quite realize how the game is played at the “high end.” And TNAU is appalled at the level of “shake down” Obama and his associates are engaged in. The msmedia did NOT vet Obama, we did.

Please make no mistake in what TNAU is saying – Foreign policy “kickback” are in play… a situation that is soothing to a pathological liar and con man like Barack.

On another topic, it appears Obama and the msmedia are back to discrediting the CIA over the so called “torture” that the Al Qaida received. What a joke !!! TNAU can take Obama/msmedia to a dozen prison systems in the US and show you something real in the way of torture and abuse. Which just goes to show the level of deception the democrats will go to. The US prison system is 10 TIMES WORSE than anything the Al Qaida subjects got from the CIA. Frankly, pouring water down the throat of Al Qaida was laughed at by convicts. If the US wanted to see Al Qaida abused all they had to do was send them to a US prison. Democrats are loons. America is better than this, America is better than that, blah blah blah. All of it coming from naïve democrats that think we live in their world of make believe. America condones torture, it is plain and simple. Head to anyone of a dozen US prison populations to get your facts straight. And many of the people caught in the vicious cycle did not kill anyone, and certainly were NOT terrorists.

Finally, have someone ask Ruth Ginsberg if she has been taking ten, $10,000 annual gifts from Chicago Super Group members? And whether or not she has been taking this money (gifts) for years. Ginsberg, the snow flake is out lecturing the Nation on birth control/abortion and shockingly she is lecturing other Supreme Court Justices. Look, Ginsberg may call it a gift but where we come from we call it a bribe. Ask yourself this, was Ginsberg “motivated” to bamboozle a naïve John Roberts over his decision on Obamacare? Look, Obama won the election through the Supreme Court decision and by lying about Benghazi. TNAU agents have clearly reported that Ginsberg conned Roberts into some b.s. about his decision being good for the country and the small folk ad nausea. The problem was that Roberts ate the whole bird…ask Ginsberg if she has disclosed all of her gifts? Or, is her family paid after she leaves the court?

Make no mistake. Democrats lie, cheat and steal from the American people – it is engrained into their culture.

I know, we get it. So look, believe what you want and stick your head into the sand on the rest of it. People simply do NOT understand how the game is played at the high end…


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Look, his condition is getting worse. Pathologic liars always reach a regressive stage in which emotional tid bits are proffered as intellectual substance. Gee Barack, do you hear what Harry Reid called the Koch Brothers, how about what Louis Lerner called the American public. How about Holder calling sections of America “racist” for you and him do not like the fact that your skin color can no longer bamboozle the soft set of American rubes. You Lie, cheat and steal Barack. So now you play the “hatred card” which is really the race card in disguise. But don’t worry, in a few more months America will get to breathe a sigh of relief.

Also don’t worry, the GOP has an excellent plan to deal with the criminals element of our society i.e. the Democratic Party. See, in two years the Nation will elect a Republican President. And after that election the new President will put together a criminal task force. And guess what, with any luck he/she will appoint a member of TNAU as the head of this task force. So that the American people can watch the systematic dismantling of the criminal enterprise which in comprised of blue state democrats. Yeah, TNAU will get a chance to put the 20 years of research into corrupt organizations to the test. People, we will witness a perp walk parade like none other in the History of America. Thousands of hours of tape will steam roll the criminals process. I am not kidding. People have no idea how corrupt blue state democrats truly are, it is worse than anyone can imagine. Just look at Obama’s conduct, and raise it to a power. We know blue state criminals inside and out. TNAU will take this Nation on a soul searching journey like no other.

People, TNAU had a drone that followed Louis Lerner for over two years, and at the height of the targeting. Look, this might possibly be my units swan song take down. We know Lerner inside/out. We have had drones follow blue state politicians and their criminals. The FBI did not realize what we had done until it was too late. The FBI was concentrating on the dossier we had compiled on Obama, while they did that we continued another operation. Frankly they would have never realized it, if it was not for a satellite issue cross link. We spared no expense in our effort to rid this nation of a terrible scourge – the industry of lie, cheat and steal democrats !!!

Lerner is a sadistic witch people. But she is the epitome of the democratic party and their corrupt Government employees.

Oh by the way. This blog is a simple fictitious believe it or not. Part of a movie script I have been putting together called THE NIXON ALLIANCE UNDERGROUND. A legal card marked me to make a disclaimer.


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There is a massive foreign policy shakedown taking place. Money was paid for the Gitmo 5, money was paid by Rouhani, money was paid by Syria, and now money is  more than likely being paid by Putin. People, Obama does not CARE !!! The msmedia scoundrels have been told that there very likely are money transfers taking place, they laugh and think the whole foreign policy fiasco is a joke that they want to blame on Bush. I mean, democrats and Obama always have someone to blame. It is part of their ritualistic delusion within their criminal conduct.  Thank God for Fox News…there is a good chance some of this might be exposed over the coming year or two. Again, just like the work TNAU did at the IRS, it is much better if agents do not surface. People in the IRS know what is on Lerner’s and others hard drives…it is NOT a secret trust us ok.

Democrats have taken their lie, cheat and steal game to a new level. And thanks for the heads up my friend. TNAU has our own drone over my house on the weekends and select other days. We have followed mostly everyone home, and have been doing it for years. Unlike the democrats/Super Groups and their trash can, TNAU is a highly disciplined outfit. The FBI is following our drone…stay tuned. Short post due to security concerns at the moment. Security code was raised in town.


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Quite frankly, it is shocking what democratic thieves within the Government agencies are doing to America. Eris Holder and the Justice Dept. have no idea what to do. They would have to charge half the Executive staff at the IRS. Holder is hiding this criminal conduct behind the “privacy” claim of tax files. Knowing full well that democrats cheating on their taxes, with Obama permission for donations, knew their files cannot be reviewed or made public. It is the quintessential lie, cheat and steal formula. Too big and complicated to do anything about, so do nothing. Let democrats that cheated on their taxes make off with hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars. The LOW program is the nail in the coffin of the IRS. The IRS will be shut down, and a simpler and more efficient tax system will be put in its place.

Of course the IRS has found Lerner’s emails. Once they realized they had no choice. The IRS is coming around to the way TNAU views it…

Look people, this is a chess board battle at the highest level. Pawn takes King…


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It is time to become very concerned with the state of affairs in the Whitehouse and the democratic mantra of lie, cheat and steal. I received a black card/q.o.s./green tag and it came from the TNAU Iranian operation. In over thirty five years these guys have NEVER been wrong. Granted they do not leave an abundance of marks but when they message out it is very accurate. Now of course idiots will laugh and start their tin foil hats command within the main stream media, but just remember those claiming tin foil hats are in fact the lie, cheat and steal democrats who have created a society of thieves which is leading to the breakdown of Government agencies – including the CIA and their b.s. operation with Rouhani. Look, TNAU agents have been in Iran much longer than anyone in the CIA has been working Iranian analysis. Rouhani just paid an Obama associate a large sum of money for the 6 months more of economic reprieve/recovery for Iran. It is that simple. Here is a code line for the lie, cheat and steal democrats of the CSG/msmedia, here is how it works.

Black card = Merchant of death which is Iran. The Q.S. marking = the Queen of Sheba which is Rouhani. And the fresh green window tag (parking garage) = money which was paid to an Obama associate. Money that will likely find its way into the 2016 Presidential Election. Look, laugh if you want but there is NOTHING funny about what is going on in Foreign Policy or the breakdown of Government. Operations like the CIA/Rouhani deal notoriously lead to off center money transactions. It is the nature of the beast at the highest level of which these political items operate. The msmedia are rubes being played for their emotional content. Falling for every emotional sniffle that comes out of Obama and the Whitehouse. Look people, the Central American children was planned ok. The CSG/msmedia wanted a “righteous democrat” tear jerker for this summer to go along with an improving economy. The operation was set up before everything else began to fall apart. I have started, the only thing the CSG has left is “overplay”. They thought they could get by Benghazi and IRS, after all they have a corrupt Justice Dept. helping them. Border “refuges” was suppose to be an election issue. Never did they plan for ICIS in Iraq, Putin shooting down planes, Israel telling Obama to shove it, and Syria becoming a murderous playground. People have no idea how much damage this bogus CIA/Rouhani deal has done to Foreign Policy. Obama is a loon. He thought the Iranian deal was his Presidency. His assets around him are now taking money. People, we have another report that suggests money was paid for the Gitmo 5. And GUESS WHAT? Putin will hear about this money transaction from Rouhani. And Putin will pay Obama associates for Obama to do what he does best regarding the Malaysian plane - which is nothing. Obama has had a nervous breakdown, he is incapable of making a decision. He waffles around and acts like “options” and his teleprompters are a decision.

It is real simple. Obama is a con man, and his con job has failed. Politically anyways. But the CSG/msmedia are still making plenty of money in the stock market and are now taking money from Foreign Policy influence. Money likely to be “straightened out” and used in the election process. Look, I post the blog for TNAU wanted people to know how the system truly works at the high end transaction. TNAU is running circles around Obama. TNAU was there in Denver. The rubber horse head? We were laughing at the horses ass…

As I have said. Believe what you want, stick your head into the sand for the rest of it. TNAU has had a significant operation in Iran since the day the Shah departed.

Oh, by the way. Get out your check book. The lie, cheat and steal democrats are about to hand us a bill for Obamacare…what the insurance co’s are asking for is going to rock your socks people.


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Like TNAU has been saying, democrats through their lie, cheat and steal process at the Federal Budget level has created a society psychosis of thieves who perpetuate dishonest misdirection. Blumenthal touting that society has no right to tell a “democratic” woman what to do with her body. That is b.s. we do it all the time. Prostitution is illegal, yet it involves a woman’s body. You know why we have laws against prostitution? For morally bankrupt democrats would sell their body to school children if we did not stop them. Same thing with abortion. Look, democrats do no research on the topics they babble about. TNAU did extensive research focus groups on abortion. What we found is that a majority of the women were democrats. And these women viewed their pregnancy through the lie, cheat and steal psychosis democrat’s have created. These women called their pregnancy a “womb structure” not a baby. Then when you delicately try to pin them down as to when the “womb structure” becomes a baby, they hem and haw and say when one can feel the “womb structure” or feel movement? I am not kidding, these people are Pelosi lunatics. Then we asked them if we put Jello on the table and told you that you could get pregnant by eating the Jello how many of you would use it. Almost none of them would. Yet, they will go out and have unprotected sex, recklessly get pregnant, and then rationalize the process as a womb structure. Classic democrat psychosis. Then when we get to the really delicate part of abortion, actually destroying the womb structure it gets even weirder. These women are detached from the process, it is simply an unwanted growth they want to get rid of. But when you try to draw a parallel to it being like an unwanted growth like cancer, they repel and become testy. Then we ask them, well what kind of unwanted growth would you compare it to – they would say a blemish, like a wart. The most precious gift on God’s green earth – LIFE – is being compared to removing a wart? It just goes to show that Blumenthal and dirty crotch democrats have become lunatics of the democratic lie, cheat and steal disease. The Democratic Federal Budget rationalization for borrowing money we cannot repay has filtered down into our society in the form of a psychosis – and it is everywhere.

The msmedia has done serious damage to this Nation with Obama ok. The msmedia took a product of the lie, cheat and steal psychosis and made him President. Obama lied his way into the Whitehouse, and the msmedia has no problem with that. Then he won reelection by lying about that happened in Benghazi. He has lied about the IRS, he lied to the people about Obamacare, and he lies about everything. The msmedia simply does not comprehend what they have done. Obama is a pathological liar, and you people are watching him do untold damage. You people have no idea what the final product of a lie, cheat and steal society looks like. You think the civil wars in the middle east are terrible…wait until there is no more money to steal from the US Treasury. Comparing a baby to a wart will be the least of your problems.

The msmedia are despicable losers…democrats are criminals.


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What we found in conclusion…

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Just want to clear up some minor points for the democratic gossip group. Joey did not toss out a smoke grenade like the one people see in the movies or use in paint ball antics. Joey tossed out something called “quick smoke” ok. Back then you would pack your own. Depending upon how much smoke, how quick you wanted it, and how thick you wanted it. The canister was the size of a large candy bar. It was simply a quick smoke haze to briefly obscure vision. The legal team always pounded into us that small stuff adds up and helps tremendously. We knew fairly quickly it was not the cops at the condo complex, Joey had two very sophisticated police scanners in his winder. We were shocked and relieved no police calls were made. TNAU did in fact dispatch a forensics team. Not like CSI ok. Underground professional support staff to determine what went wrong. Come to find out there were two 5 man teams of killers at the complex, exactly what Keith had claimed. Yeah I get it ok, everyone asks how did Keith know. Keith paid a homeless man to shower, dress up and take 10g’s to tell us what smells. It is a long, long story, but homeless people were always our reliable bread and butter. The scary conclusions drawn, these killers were not as interested in the rev as much as snatching one of the cards – they wanted to know who we were. The cover story always was business men of gold/silver mines in Mexico, coal mine in Pa. And lumber in Canada. The legal team concluded jealousy. They saw our three cards and simply wanted to torture one or all of them. The 3 heavy duty buyers denied knowing anyone or anything…yeah right. We turned their names over to midnight.

4 weeks after this incident the condo owner sent in his construction team to remodel the condo and put it up for sale. The guy just gutted the place. No one was any the wiser.

KJ and I were pleasantly surprised at the high marks the legal team gave us. As they railed against the operations people. We tried to do in three days what takes three months. Joey man, came out as the wild card. He never liked the idea of doing three HD. Joey was an ace of clubs. He wanted to work it through the club scene one joe at a time. He prepared to do what he could. Guy had like 20 tons of smoke he was preparing to drop on the complex, along with his speaker screeching siren, in case anything went wrong he wanted to scare them off and hope we could slip the fog. God, were we relieved he did not act. I know, I know ok, how did Joey know blah blah blah – he knew ok.

TNAU just wanted to add some color and context to my situation. When you couple history to the fact that I got to Obama before the FBI and Secret Service did, you can better understand why a Government drone flies over my house. What really has them ticked off though, is what we did with the IRS while they were watching me…and they certainly despise the fact that I have a tape of Obama making racist remarks about white people. Funny world at times eh?


A thousand faces

Toll road is changing

We are getting older

Ands it’s starting to show

we are getting older

And it’s starting to show


Putting oil on the canvas

Steady hand imagination

You are the picture             

That is worth a thousand words


Many many and oh so many


Rolled down your avenue

So I have to tell you

Just what it meant to me


The gallery

That built this masterpiece                   

The one that told us                    

You   can’t    escape                    

What your running from


a thousand faces

toll road is changing…


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We are flying along in Joeys helicopter and I whisper to Keith, there is no way he is going to land this thing so I hope you brought your swim trunks. Jean starts to giggle. Keith yells out to Joey, hey Joey 15 feet should be fine ok. Joey says, I am going to 20 just to be sure it will be higher than your thinking. Jean says, hey Joey life jackets by chance. Joey says, yeah but I only brought one, I wanted to see which of you is the most valuable. It is a moment in time and a feeling that simply cannot be duplicated by the best dope money can buy…we were simply melting into one another.

Political Update. Can someone from the CSG/scoundrel msmedia tell us what happened to the Obama doctrine. Everyone forgot, it was the US National word choices that were causing all the Al Qaida recruitment trouble and attracting hatred toward America. Remember? There is no longer a war on terror. Under Obama that is incorrect. There is to be no radical Islam. There must be a U.S. apology, so we can appeal to Al Qaida we want peace? How come no one remembers, Obama said it was US posture that was causing us to be disliked. I think the msmedia should go back and review some tape of “air ball Obama.” You people look like complete idiots. You think the world is going to exist as one big Bergdahl commune. Put on a Beatles song for peace and everyone can rejoice, since “no game Obama” has arrived.

What is hilarious is how everyone keeps talking about how America has no appetite for war, the nauseating we are war weary mantra. Most of that is just more commune b.s. talk. Wait until the next nasty terrorist attack comes to America, you will find that we still have a ferocious appetite to use our trained killers from the US Military to go after the bad guys. Face it, democrats are lie, cheat and steal members of our society that wanted Obama/msmedia to build a delusional Bergdahl commune. Look, Iraq was just as critical as Egypt. Obama is an incompetent loon. He thought that Iraq did not need the hard work of diplomacy to keep our troops there for lynch pin security. TNAU is telling people right now. Obama pulled out of Iraq to please the Rouhani/CIA nuclear deal program. Almost everything Obama did was based upon a maneuver for Rouhani/CIA. The bogus Iranian nuclear deal was suppose to be the Obama magnificent accomplishment, his legacy achievement. Instead, GM Lie, Cheat and Steal democrats killed motorists for bailout money and Zero Dark Thirty gave birth to 10,000 Bin Laden’s. As TNAU laughed at Obama and his “drone program kill list.” Al Qaida is a hornets nest and Obama is bragging about swatting one wasp at a time…

TNAU has to chuckle. CNN keeps talking about Dempsey as a man “that likes to keep his options open.” Uh, that just shows everyone how farked up democrats really are. Options are a decision point, not a rolling manifestation of themselves…


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Joey man, was one of a kind

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It was during the 80′s when Keith, Jean and I were down in Del Ray on a high end condo filled with RPm. Was suppose to be a quick three/four day deal for 3 heavy duty. A TNAU unit took this Rev from a trucking firm so KJM went down to get rid of it. Around dinner time Keith walks in with food, and it was the first time in my life I had ever seen fear in his eyes. So I was like what’s up. He said we are surrounded. I was like oh shit. My heart started racing. 6 – 7 years for a bpo is hard man. Jean opens the food and says it must be that skinny farker we paid no mind to. Then we sit down to eat, knowing each of us will get to put forth our options. The sun is falling and it had been a wonderful day. Jean says she just wants to call the cops, have them come pick us up and put our life into the hands of the legal team. Keith looks at me, looks at the rev, knowing our future would be finished. Jean says the cops will be here anyways, they are going to cut the power and come in through that slider. Adding, they don’t believe we are killers, they think we will give it to them. With guns up, we are going down for life. I turned up the music. Life was moving in slow motion. Keith goes next. Keith says, we are going to fight our way out. Meaning Keith was going to die on hard time to try and give J and I a chance to run. J has tears in her eyes. Keith pulled out his map, shows us where the second and third cars are hiding with weapons and disguises. He said, when the power goes out we go out that slider and start running. We spend the next few hours and cut everything open and spray it with the fire extinguishers. He pulled out the gas masks. Keith is on fire, anyone of those farkers and I will ice his cake. Life for me is barely moving, he is talking and I can barely hear him speak. Then it was my turn. Whenever I went to Florida, I took along a high powered CB that Joey had given me on a high water mark. I am trying to rationalize what a 508 call would mean. No one is going to show up just to do time with us. For all I know, the cops could be in on it. Right now as we sit, there is no probable cause or anything – J and I studied enough law to know my rights. Then I thought someone will start a fire and the cops will show up and tell everyone to leave…who knows. I looked around the condo and said to myself, what were we thinking – stacks of rev everywhere. Then I told them. I am going to call in a 508, in the back of my mind I know it is meaningless, we are on our own. If we get no response we wait till morning and call the cops. If during that time they come through the door, we kill em and then call the cops. We put our guns on that slider until I know there is no chance.

I pull out the farking cb and plugged it in. KJ say nothing. I turn it on and rotate the channels. Pick up five out and…breaker, breaker, this is time square dollar, we are a match stick bundle and it is a quarter to nine. I click it off. I felt like I was falling from a 10 story building.

We are all just look at each other. Keith feeling sorry for me, the odds are 1000 to 1. We wait and we wait. Calmed Keith down and agreed, kill anyone that comes through that door. Call the cops come morning. Exactly one hour and 59 minutes later the cb chirps. Jean jumped out of her chair. Breaker, breaker, this is tsd. Time is your friend, now time is your enemy on a lesson learned. I looked at Keith and said, that was farking Joey. Keith pulled out his map of the area. He looked at me and said 1.5/2 miles from here there is a furniture store with a large parking lot behind it. The he said, it won’t work, there are three of us. He said there is no way, it is a crash and burn. Jean says, that is Joeys call. I filled out the medical paper work last month, they know how much each of us weighs within one pound. It is a life line, we take it. And Keith, I am directing this at you, three of us go, three of us die together, or wait until dawn and call the cops. Jean walks into the bathrooms and starts to fill the tubs. Keith put his mojo on that slider. I start to cut open bags of rev tossing it all over the place. Jean is dumping it into the tubs…she looks at me, what were we thinking. An hour plus later and I look like frosty the snow man and so does she. The place looked like an eery rev decoration. Keith puts the map back on the table and says here is the tricky part, we have to cut through this complex to get off the road. If we have to stop and mace a dog, we do that, I am not going to fire unless life or death ok. I looked at Keith. For years he made us relentlessly practice the 2 mile sprint. He would not work the unit unless we could sprint 2 miles in a line of three. Jena brings in the bag and we each put on our black jogging outifts, shoes and caps.

Each of us knows in the back of our minds, we could be sprinting to an empty parking lot. We sit and wait. Some farking car alarm goes off for a minute and I jumped. We wait. It passes 1 o’clock. And then at the 59th minute a chirp goes off. It was unbelievable. The front door of that condo is pushed open and we take off running. It was surreal, I thought about lock up and others in my life. As we are running we can hear cars racing by the road. We ran close to 3/4 of a mile, probably much farther, and then cut through another development. As we worked our way through the development some guy walking a dog yelled hey you come here, with his dog barking. Then it was weird as hell, we could hear Joey skimming along the roof tops. It felt like someone had electrocuted me. We are sprinting toward the back parking lot as Joey was touching down, as he tossed a smoke grenade out his window. You are suppose to load these bubble bees when they are turned off. Keith dropped to his knees and started crawling, we did the same. He opened the door and he climbed in and laid down. Then I climbed in and laid beside him, then Jean climbed in and laid on top of the two of us. Joey looked back and said, if we don’t make it, it has been farking real. He is giving this thing the throttle and it is starting to vibrate, Jean said I love you guys. Joey is like come one, come on. And then the thing just quickly popped up into the air and Joey yelled, we are on the run.

The rest of the story resides in the annuls of TNAU history. I know many of you will say yeah right. Some from other operations will smirk of a story teller, others will shake their head and say the guy needs medicine. And a few that know the street, air craft, and tightly wound units will understand what I just said…the fact of the matter is that the FBI knows it is true. The FBI knows I have always lived near water, in case a lake plane rescue was ever needed. There is a reason a Government drone flies over my house…for the FBI also knows for a fact that I am the Cincinnati kid, and that Keith/Jean and our kids have Louis Lerner dead to rights. It was not an inquiry from a Congressman to Louis Lerner that caused the IRS computers to start crashing, it was a pile of peanut shells. Obama’s people know we were there. The reason they won’t investigate and are trying to let this thing die out…they feel an offense was committed.

I have not seen Joeys car in over 365 and my heart is breaking going into this 4th of July…for there are days when the pain is great and one wonders, was it all worth it. When walking the high wire is living, and everything else is just a part of life.

My unit stands in the Nixon Library on the parallel of best units ever.


Time squared dollar

A match stick bundle


Is talking change

At a quarter to nine


Is talking change

At a quarter to nine


His Crosswalk chatter

An empty bottle

And Striker kept it going

All the way to the other side


By the time it’s spent

He’s two blocks away

Indexing thumb redolent


How much was gained


Within the myth

Whispered a legend

You get a heartache

For the disciples hour


Take a load off midnight

Take on another mile



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